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Welcome to Cara's Book Boudoir!

My name is Cara Ross and I am Cara's Book Boudoir. I am a British Expat who lives in America and who loves reads romance books. I am also a Wife, Aunt and a Professional Nanny.
I first fell in love with romance when I was 14 years old and read a copy of my sister's Betty Neels books...and that was just the beginning. As a nanny I have worked in Europe and America and I have taken my romance books with me everywhere.
After I got married and moved to America permanently, my collection of romance books continued to expand and my tastes spread to all aspects of romance, from erotic-romance to military and christian romance.
Early in 2012 I joined a group called the Avon Addicts, that is a fabulous reviewer/readers group. I was encouraged by the ladies to start my own blog and that's how my life as a blogger was born.

Bragging Rights

I am a Avon Addict Alum, I was a judge for the 2014 National Reader Choice Awards for Historical Romance. I am also on Street Teams for my favorite Authors.

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