Nov 23, 2014

A Bride For Pastor Dan by Katie Crabapple Review

Anna is content with her life. She works as a kindergarten teacher for a local school, and gives as much of her time as she can to her church. The new pastor at her church has caused quite a stir among the single females, because not only is he a single pastor, but he’s a handsome single pastor. Anna knows she doesn’t have a shot with him. Or does she?

This short story is meant as an introduction to the Parkside Community Church series. The main characters from this story continue through all five books as secondary characters and their characters are expanded on throughout the series. If you don't enjoy short stories, this book may not be what you're looking for.

This is part one of the Parkside Community Church series. Pastor Dan is already frustrated with the lack of Christian volunteer spirit in the church. Then he finds Anna, just before she burns her feet. Pastor Dan is in awe of Anna’s Christian spirit and all that she has done for the children’s program. Dan shakes up the church and while doing that he falls in love with Anna and her servants’ heart.
A Bride for Pastor Dan is a cute, romantic story. The only thing I disappointed with was the shortness of the book. But it is a great book and well written.
Anna has been going to Parkside Community Church all her life and has a good servant’s heart. But this has allowed her actions and responses to restricted by the small minded eps of a few members of the church. After offering to help out in the children’s room for a couple of weeks it slowly turns into 6 months with not much help insight.
After a chance run in with the new pastor that she has never met, Anna’s see’s hope for the future of the church. Dan has become very overwhelmed by the church he has taken on. He is disappointed in the congregations’ lack of a servant’s heart until he meets Anna. It shows him there are good members in the church and he see’s something special in Anna.
This beautiful book left me wanting more, so I give it 9 out of 10.

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