Nov 26, 2014

Flash Of Fang by R.E. Butler Review

A Flash of Fang is the follow up novella to A Curve of Claw and joins Elizabeth, Ash, and Axe several months into their married life. Bad dreams stalk her from the darkness and leave her with a sense of foreboding. When the fall mating heat comes upon her husbands, the only thing she can think of is how dangerous her life is and how unfair it is to bring a child into their world. Ash and Axe reassure her that they will keep her safe at any cost, but her fears are only compounded by their earnestness. When her husbands have had enough of her keeping secrets from them, they become creative in getting her to talk.

This book contains M/F/M interaction and is intended for mature audiences only. Warning: this title contains more were-bear and witchy loving, office loving, nipple biting, wandering fingers....and enough ice to cool things down.

Elizabeth must protect her ware-bear den from evil. All the while deciding what her place is within the coven and her feelings on having a child.

A Flash of Fang is the sequel to a Curve of Claw. It is a fantastic book and even better than the first book. Without giving too much away, Elizabeth is struggling to balance her life at the Wicca store, being one of the four corners of the coven and starting a family with Axe and Ash. While Elisabeth thoughts and concerns are dealing with her own personal problems, someone is attacking the were-bear den. Elizabeth contacts her spirit guide who shows her how in the traitor among them and then embarks on a journey where she has to say goodbye to a member of her family. Once Elisabeth sorts out the attack from outside forces then she finally can sort out her own personal issues and decisions. 

Well written and a great story, a few plot holes were filled from the first book, but a lot more were made, as we were missing a months from when they got married, but even with all the holes it still leaves me hoping for a third book.

I give Flash of Fang 7 out of 10

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