Nov 22, 2014

Sexy Berkeley by Dani Lovell

A long-distance relationship with a hot American businessman is the last thing on Beatrice Hart's mind when the day from hell ends with her drink-booking a last minute escape to glamorous Southern California.
With Bea's firm belief that long distance never works, will she ever consider that that an exhilarating introduction at 35,000 feet could lead to anything more than a steamy holiday romance?
Daniel Berkeley is the irresistible, delectable, smoking hot bachelor, determined to make it happen.

This is a transatlantic romance. Handsome American Daniel meets sexy British Bea on a flight to LA, the magical words that start this romance “fuck, shitty Mcfuck, oh god please” This story follow Sexy Daniel Berkeley and Bea though their holiday romance. But can it last.
Bea’s holiday starts with a hangover, tea from the wonderful Clare (when she is reminded about the holiday) and strings being pulled so she and Tilly (One of Bea’s BFF’s) are moved into Upper Class.
So the journey begins. Tilly and Bea are off to LA, to stay with Tilly’s sister. But once on the plane she meets the very sexy Daniel Berkeley. After a little cocktail, chatting and some sexy foreplay, Bea says goodbye to Daniel, never expecting to see him again. Low and behold the fates have decided that is not the end of Daniel and Bea. After a chance meeting at a farmers market, Daniel is determined not to let Bea go again. They wine and dine and grow even more connected with the aid of chocolate dipping sauce.
In the end will their love survive a long distance relationship or is this the end for Bea and Daniel. This book is great, it’s almost perfect the only thing that gets on my nerves with this book is Bea's whining about it only being a holiday romance, but that could be the fact that I am an optimist and the character Bea is a realist. This MUST read earns 9 out of 10 from me and a guarantee that I am going to read it again and again.

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