Dec 5, 2014

The Rancher's Royal Bride by Jenn Roseton Review

 When a threat is made against her, Ellie Sterling is sent to hide out at Logan Trask’s ranch in Wyoming. She doesn’t know who is after her. Or why. She’s a curvy illustrator, for goodness’ sake, not a crime fighter.

Retired SEAL Logan is asked to look after Ellie. When he finds her curves more tempting than he thought possible, suddenly he’s the one in danger - of losing his heart.

But when revelations from Ellie’s shadowed past take her by surprise, Logan is the one she turns to. Can this burned-out SEAL give her a safe haven in his strong arms, despite having a secret of his own?

This is a sexy contemporary romance novella of approximately 31,000 words. Although it’s part of the Billionaire Brothers series, it can be read as a stand-alone romance. 

Logan is not happy with Ellie being with him either, but he has promised her father and uncle that he would keep her safe.

Sparks fly between these two, but Logan pulls back and Ellie thinks that he is not interested in her. Then someone arrives and completely changes everything. When the threat against Ellie has gone and she returns home, their real feelings show, but what they will do about it.

 As always I love Jenn Roseton's books, but I hate that they are short; but in all honesty unless she wrote their story until they both die; it would be too short! The story is sweet, but I wish we had interplay with some of the other Trask brothers and their wives.

 The writing is smooth, the story is a little abrupt, what I mean by that is, it starts quick and ends quick, with little information on either side.

 It is a standalone book and very delicious.  Jenn Roseton's take on BBW stories is fantastic and I find them very enjoyable. Even though the story is short, it is well worth its value.

As I have said before, I am very picky and there is never enough information in any book that would suit me, but THIS book come very close. Because of that, I give The Rancher's Royal Bride 8 out of 10.


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