Jan 8, 2015

As Hard As You Can by Laura Kaye

Five dishonored soldiers.
Former Special Forces.
One last mission.
These are the men of Hard Ink.

Ever since hard-bodied, drop-dead-charming Shane McCallan strolled into the dance club where Crystal Dean works, he’s shown a knack for getting beneath her defenses. For her little sister’s sake, Crystal can’t get too close. Until her job and Shane’s mission intersect, and he reveals talents that go deeper than she could have guessed.

Shane would never turn his back on a friend in need, especially a former Special Forces teammate running a dangerous, off-the-books operation. Nor can he walk away from Crystal. The gorgeous waitress is hiding secrets she doesn't want him to uncover. Too bad. He’s exactly the man she needs to protect her sister, her life, and her heart. All he has to do is convince her that when something feels this good, you hold on as hard as you can—and never let go.

So this is book 2 of the Hard Ink Series by Laura Kaye and boy it is book good...and smoking hot.

So we continue with the story of the 5 dishonorably discharged soldiers, who have reunited, to clear their names, with the help of the children of the man that betrayed them! The plot sounds far-fetched, but the story is fantastic and well written, so don't be fooled!  The Hard Ink crew are still trying to get there name cleared and that means dealing with some of the shady aspects of Baltimore. While rescuing Becca's brother, Shane ran in to Crystal...literally and she helped them escape, but whose side is Crystal on? So in this book we focus on Shane. Now, he is not my favorite character in this series, but he has charm and in this book he shows a lot of that.
Crystal is "dating" Bruno (and I use that term very loosely) in order to have a job and keep her sister safe. But she chooses to help a group of men, where will that leave her and will she still be able to keep her sister safe
Yet again (in my humble opinion), Laura Kaye knocks it out of the park with this book. The book has so many twists and turns that, which it kept me riveted, I admit though, I did read it in day light hours, this time. When I read these books it's like I am there, it's descriptive without being to over the top and it just flows.
So I am going to give this book 10 out of 10 and with hopes that Ms. Kaye could convince her publishers to release these works of art faster! The Hard Ink series is a well written collection and one that I am very happy to be addicted to

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