Jan 8, 2015

Can't Wait by Jennifer Ryan Review

Originally appeared in the e-book anthology All I Want for Christmas Is a Cowboy.

Jennifer Ryan, author of the New York Times bestselling The Hunted Series and the upcoming Montana Men Series, takes us to the very beginning in this Christmas prequel about two people who finally receive the one thing they've always wanted … each other.

Though she is the woman of his dreams, Caleb Bowden knows his best friend's sister, Summer Turner, is off-limits. He won't cross that line. Summer shares a connection with Caleb she's never felt with anyone else, but the stubborn man refuses to turn their flirtatious friendship into something more. Summer will have to take matters into her own hands if she wants her cowboy for Christmas.

It starts at the Christmas lighting ceremony. Caleb is fighting his love for Summer and Summer is fighting for Caleb. After losing her temper at her brother Jack, Summer goes and hangs out in the town bar with her friend and her ex high school boyfriend, leaving Jack and Caleb standing on the sidewalk. Jack is confused about his sister’s behavior and Caleb is left feeler with regrets and confusion and the determination of not ruining his friendship with Jack, even if it costs him the women he loves. I’m going to leave the story there, with you wanting more 😉

As with everyone of Jennifer’s books, this story is beautifully written and it leaves you wanting more, or in my case spending this past weekend re-reading the whole series 😊  I absolutely LOVED this novella so I am going to give Can’t Wait a very well deserved 10 out of 10

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