Jan 8, 2015

Curvy Temptation by Aidy Award Review

Curvy girls deserve a happy ever after too.

Vanessa hasn’t let her curvylicious plus-size body keep her from having a solid career, great friends and a crappy love life. Oh, wait – yeah, her sex life blows, and not in the fun way. A string of unsatisfying relationships and a best friend who drags her to a BDSM club help her step full swing into her dirty thirties.

Cade the Stoic Dom, always in control but never in love, is drawn to Vanessa’s size 20 submissive streak. He can’t keep his hands (or his tongue or any other part of his body) off this voluptuous new sub. Her open and honest exploration of her new found kinks excite him like no one else he’s ever been with.

Amazing orgasms and intimate cuddles soon grow into love for Vanessa, but Cade’s the one person everyone has told her not to develop feelings for. Cade drops his subs the moment they express deeper feelings for him. What’s a girl to do?

She’ll have to dump his ass before he discovers how she feels or be the curvy temptation he can’t resist.

This book is hot, sexy and one of THE best BBW and BDSM books I have read in a long time and I am ALREADY dying for the next book in the series.
Vanessa is tired of her vanilla lifestyle, so her friend Danica took her to a BDSM club, to give her encouragement to add a little spice in her life. Little did Vanessa know that within minutes of walking into the club she would meet someone who would change her life!
Cade had just finished with a sub that broke the rules, by has fallen in love with him. He has rules that are not to be broken, so can Vanessa keep her heart out of their relationship? Or will she have to end things with him?
Aidy Award is an Indy Author that has simply taken my breath away. Her writing is smooth, current and with none of those horrible flashback scenes that I hate. I have found that you don't just fall in love with her main characters, but all the supporting characters to and it leaves you panting for the next book! So because of that I give Curvy Temptation 9 out of 10.

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