Jan 15, 2015

Executive Sweet (The Billionaires’ Playmate) 1 by Alexis Adaire Review

Chelsea Broussard couldn’t decide which was worse, her sexual drought or her low-paying job. After a chance meeting with a wealthy businessman who promised to change her life, she is offered a new mysterious job as a playmate for five billionaire executives — a job that would surely lead her into some extremely exciting, very bizarre situations. And they’re willing to pay an absurd amount of money for this short-term position. Chelsea is forced to decide on the spot, with the rest of her life in the balance.

WOW! This book is a wild and crazy! And a whole lot of YES PLEASE!!!!

Chelsea was unhappy with her life, her low paying job sucked big time and her sex life was nonexistent and as she was commiserating with a friend a man called Greg over heard her and offered to buy her a drink. Greg had it all, money, a good job and he was hot. After a quick rendezvous in the bathroom of an upscale bar, Greg disappeared and Chelsea felt used and pissed off. Until a phone call 2 weeks later... what follows is too delicious to put here.

This book scores 10 out of 10 for deliciousness and I swear the Author knows some of my fantasies!

 Living in the Pacific Northwest, Alexis Adaire spends too much time indoors, cuddling under blankets with her husband and muse, emerging from the bedroom periodically to refill her coffee mug and jot down ideas. Does Alexis draw upon personal experience for her short story ideas? She will never tell.

Alexis keeps her twisted identity separate from her everyday life; no one knows what debauchery lies behind her violet eyes. Although, she admits this double-life she leads — mild-mannered office worker by day and erotica novelist by night — keeps a glow to her cheeks and a sly smile to her lips.
Alexis takes her readers to those secret, unspeakable corners of their fantasies they never knew existed.

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