Jan 15, 2015

Executive Sweet (The Billionaires’ Playmate) 2 by Alexis Adaire Review

26-year-old Chicagoan Chelsea Broussard never thought of herself as being particularly brave, but that began to change when she agreed to take a paid position as a playmate for a group of billionaires. Now comes the tough part: following through on her agreement to do whatever one of her ridiculously wealthy employers tells her to during a visit to an exclusive sex club. When she refuses to let her boss’s friend intimidate her, Chelsea goes from scandalously dressed to totally naked in front of strangers — and that’s only the beginning. How indecent is she prepared to act in front of a crowd? And will she even have a choice?

This series (so far) is delicious! WOW! WOW! WOW!
The sex is this is so hot it nearly set my iPad on fire! I love the way that Alexis reveals a little more of Chelsea's character in this story, it not all sex (but boy they are good)! These books have a plot to them. But the end of the book I am craving the next installment.
I give this book a 9 out of 10 and I am in desperate need for the next installment.

 Living in the Pacific Northwest, Alexis Adaire spends too much time indoors, cuddling under blankets with her husband and muse, emerging from the bedroom periodically to refill her coffee mug and jot down ideas. Does Alexis draw upon personal experience for her short story ideas? She will never tell.

Alexis keeps her twisted identity separate from her everyday life; no one knows what debauchery lies behind her violet eyes. Although, she admits this double-life she leads — mild-mannered office worker by day and erotica novelist by night — keeps a glow to her cheeks and a sly smile to her lips.
Alexis takes her readers to those secret, unspeakable corners of their fantasies they never knew existed.

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