Jan 15, 2015

Executive Sweet (The Billionaires’ Playmate) 7 by Alexis Adaire Review

As the end of her four-month contract to serve as playmate for five billionaires draws near, Chelsea Broussard finds herself worried about having to return to her former boring life. While on a sexy romantic vacation in Europe, she hatches a plan to keep her position, only to see it thwarted by the last person she’d suspect.
In the dramatic conclusion to the Executive Sweet series, Chelsea must fight to keep her new lifestyle while simultaneously dealing with treacherous matters of the heart.

So after taking a hard look at her life, Chelsea realizes that she doesn't want to give up her life with the partners, so she starts to campaign on her own behalf (with a little help from Raymond) to extend her contract. But when the vote finally comes back it ends up being a 4 to 1 and without a unanimous vote, Chelsea's contract will not be extended
Chelsea is devastated, but absolutely shattered when she finds out who voted against her. But when she is told why, how can she wrap her head around it
So I really loved this series! It was completely different from any other erotic romance that I have ever read. It has a solid plot line, well developed character and there were not too many ridiculous situations and THE most important thing, it didn't all revolve around sex.
SO while I am very sad to say goodbye to the Executive Sweet series, I am very proud to give Executive Sweet 7, 10 out of 10!

 Living in the Pacific Northwest, Alexis Adaire spends too much time indoors, cuddling under blankets with her husband and muse, emerging from the bedroom periodically to refill her coffee mug and jot down ideas. Does Alexis draw upon personal experience for her short story ideas? She will never tell.

Alexis keeps her twisted identity separate from her everyday life; no one knows what debauchery lies behind her violet eyes. Although, she admits this double-life she leads — mild-mannered office worker by day and erotica novelist by night — keeps a glow to her cheeks and a sly smile to her lips.
Alexis takes her readers to those secret, unspeakable corners of their fantasies they never knew existed.

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