Jan 21, 2015

Sinful Rewards 7 by Cynthia Sax Review

Sinful Rewards 7
A Billionaires and Bikers Novella
By: Cynthia Sax
Releasing January 20th, 2015
Avon Romance

Bee Carter has been offered everything she has ever dreamed of—a caring, lasting relationship with a handsome, often charming billionaire; the permanent home she's never had but has always craved; and wealth to buy the designer fashions she loves, support her hard-working mother, and ensure her acceptance by Chicago's elite.

To obtain what she's desired for so long, she has to do only two things: Walk away from her best friend, a woman who is destined to betray her … and end her passionate nightly encounters with a certain tattooed biker, a former Marine who can never give her what she needs.

Her answer should be clear, but the heart has a way of complicating even the most straightforward decisions.

So after a long and painful (for me) wait Sinful Rewards 7 is finally here! And it was well worth the wait!
So here we find Bea still going through the escort scandal and here firm decision that she is going to leave it all behind her. After a meeting with Nicolas (where I literally wanted to slap him through the screen), Bea runs to Hawke (yea! Swoon) to save the day. But Hawke goes above and beyond and truly lays it on the line for her and now it is left up to Bea to decide what to do.
Okay, to start with everyone really stand out in this book! But not all for good reasons, but let me start with the most surprising!
Cyndi! Wow!! Just wow, the one person who I never thought would grow up, suddenly does and it truly made me cheer and dance around my living room…much to my husband’s amusement.
Nicholas, well quite frankly is an arse in this book. I have always been team Hawke, but after reading this book I am going to have TEAM HAWKE tattooed on my forehead! ...well not really ;-)  BUT (yes, the big but is out), I see a shift in the storyline for him (or I am just projecting) and maybe that would be a good thing.
Bea, sweet loveable Bea finally realizes that she has people on her side and is willing to give up their whole lives for her! I truly see this as a turning point for her and just maybe she will learn to trust someone with her whole heart.
And finally we come to the delicious Hawke (whom in my opinion, maybe loosely based on Cynthia’s Hubby), who has literally blown my mind in this book. We finally get a little back story on Nicolas and Hawke’s relationship and just how much he is willing to give up for Bea.
So this book of deliciousness in wrapped up in 9 chapters of perfect writing and storytelling. I say every month that I couldn’t love this series anymore, but every month I am proved to be a liar and become even more obsessed with Bea and her life in Chicago, I am going to have one serious book hangover when this series is completed.
So Sinful Rewards 7 earns a well-deserved 10 out of 10 from me and several rereads until book 8 is released.

Hawke pulls his machine into the space closest to the door and the men straighten, grinding their cigarettes under boot heels, showing him respect. My biker kills the engine, flips the kickstand, and plants his big boots on the pavement, stabilizing the bike.

I remove my helmet and shake my head, loosening my moistened hair, the strands spilling around my shoulders. Hawke dismounts the bike, grasps my waist, and lifts, easily assisting me to my feet. I lean against him. My legs tremble, the ground continuing to move under me.

He hooks his arms around my waist, holding me to him. “Any problems, Mack?” He addresses a bald man standing rigidly straight by his big black bike.

Mack’s leather jacket is covered with patches, the words and designs having a military motif. “No, sir.” He smartly salutes Hawke, touching his fingers to his wrinkled forehead. He then lowers his gaze to my face. “Ma’am.” He salutes me.

“Sir.” I mimic the motion as best as I can.

My salute must not have been very good because his lips twitch, the humor adding depth to his flat eyes. “Dawg is waiting for you inside, sir.” Mack’s attention returns to Hawke.

“Thank you.” Hawke places his palm on my back and pushes me forward, guiding me into the dimly lit building. Mack follows us closely. Men salute us as we pass, calling Hawke sir and me ma’am. This makes me feel as if I’m a thousand years old.

I return one severely scarred man’s salute, the action becoming more and more natural. “I’m a miss, not a ma’am,” I murmur to Hawke, maintaining my smile, not wishing to insult the men.

“Female officers are addressed as ma’am.” Hawke directs me to a corner bar stool. “It’s a sign of respect.”

“They respect me because I’m with you.” I nod, this explanation making sense.

“Not exactly.” Hawke claims the seat, picks me up, and sets me on his lap.

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USA Today bestselling author Cynthia Sax writes contemporary, Sci-Fi and paranormal erotic romances. Her stories have been featured in Star Magazine, Real Time With Bill Maher, and numerous best of erotic romance top ten lists.

She lives in a world filled with magic and romance. Although her heroes may not always say, “I love you,” they will do anything for the women they adore. They live passionately. They play hard. They love the same women forever.

Cynthia has loved the same wonderful man forever. Her supportive hubby offers himself up to the joys and pains of research, while they travel the world together, meeting fascinating people and finding inspiration in exotic places such as Istanbul, Bali, and Chicago.

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