Feb 18, 2015

Curves and the Sheriff by Jenn Roseton Review

When Libby Grant breezes into Coldwater Springs, Wyoming, the last thing she expects is to be pulled over on the highway by Sheriff Jake Morgan. Sparks fly when Jake suspects her of being a con-artist and is tempted to arrest her!

But when he discovers the real reason she’s in town, he finds he can’t get curvy Libby out of his mind - or his heart. Can he convince her that his feelings for her are real?

I am so excited to be reading another Jenn Roseton book, I think I have read Curves and the Cowboy a million times and I love it every time. So as soon as I saw Curves and the Sheriff I snapped it up and I am so glad I did as it is my favorite story.
So we start our story off with Libby Grant heading to Coldwater Springs. Who is Libby Grant I hear you ask? Well Libby is the cousin and former roommate of Sarah Grant, whom hopefully you will remember form book 1. Anyway Libby decided to give Coldwater Springs a go, after seeing just how happy Sarah was. So after finding a position at the Library, Libby is heading for her future. That is until the Sheriff picks her up on suspicion of car theft.
Once the confusion is cleared up, Libby is free to go and hopes never to cross paths with Sheriff Jake Morgan (whom is hunky btw) again. Unfortunately for Libby (but not for us) that doesn’t happen, as Jake is Chase’s best friend. So from there we begin the rough and tumble courtship of Libby and Jake.
This book truly is my favorite! I love Jake’s grumpiness and Libby’s hot headedness. I also love the way that the author has tired this book in to Curves and the Cowboy, as it feels like a continuation of the story.
The writing was smooth and the story so sweet with a racy end. I give Curves and the Sheriff 10 out of 10.

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