Feb 18, 2015

The Lawman's Blackmailed Bride by Jenn Roseton Review

One split second can change your life … forever.

Blackmailed into silence when her boss cons a sweet old lady, Phoebe Lancaster “borrows” an ancient coin to get it valued by an honest dealer. On the run and fearing her nasty boss will catch her, she jumps into Cole Trask’s car.

Former cop turned private eye Cole is intrigued when Phoebe crashes into his life, and offers to help her in any way he can.

Driving across Wyoming to get the coin valued by her former mentor, Phoebe discovers she’s falling in love with Cole. Burned by her ex-boyfriend, she finds it hard at first to trust Cole with the coin, or to trust her feelings for him.

What is the real reason Cole is helping her? Even if his motives are genuine, could Cole ever really love a curvy girl like her? 

Woo hoo! I was so excited to read the next installment of Jenn Roseton's Brother's series; I was almost salivating to get my hands on this book (gross image, sorry peeps). I guess I also better apologize to Jenn for bombarding the poor women with "Is it don't yet messages", I know I am that annoying kid in the back seat yelling "are we nearly there yet"...but I digress.
So Phoebe knows her boss is up to no good, especially when he blackmails her into ignoring him deceiving a little old lady out of a rare coin. Phoebe has more back bone than that. She takes the coin and "commandeers" a car...with PI Cole Trask inside. When she finally breaks down and tells him what is going on, Cole springs into action....I am going to stop there and we don't do spoilers on Brit Nanny Reads.
I LOVE the fact that this is the longest book to date, and you will find yourself glued to the end. But I also LOVE the fact that Jenn Roseton writes from both characters POV! I love it! They always make the best storyline, mainly because Men are weird and I don't understand what goes on in their heads, it’s a little scary J
So I give The Lawman's Blackmailed Bride a 10 out of 10...I guess I better start begging for the next installment

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