Mar 12, 2015

A Soldier's Wish by Tammy Godfrey Review

Sergeant Melody Finnegan has never felt good enough—not for her family, not for her career, and especially not for First Sergeant Jason Stewart. But she was there for him once, on a night when he had no one, and she’s never forgotten the way he made her feel.
Jason has hated the holidays ever since his ex-wife took their four-year-old daughter and left on Christmas day. But while he may not believe in the holiday spirit, he does believe in his men. And this year they could use something to cheer them up more than ever before. When Jason is called on to play Santa at his unit’s Christmas party, he has no choice but to accept, especially because this could be exactly what he’s been wishing for… a second chance with Melody.

Even though this is a Christmas based book, you can honestly read it any time of the year, as it seriously is an inspiring story.
This story starts with a letter to Santa. Sky Stewart wants to live with her Daddy, but not only that, she wants a wife for her Daddy. One that loves to dance, sew, bake and makes cookies, likes her and loves her Daddy. It’s such a detailed list, but one that she deeply wishes she could have.
First Sergeant Jason Stewart is semi obsessed with a woman who took away his pain, when he was on the other side of the world from his daughter. Now he is back state side and has managed to find her again, he is proactive in keeping her in his life.
Sergeant Melody Finnegan is an amazing woman, but a woman who is scared inside and out. But she tries to do good for everyone. She spends all of her time making quilts for those on the base in need and the VA hospital. She has a heart of gold and is also very attracted to First Sgt. Jason Stewart. It started that one night in Afghanistan, when Jason’s ex’s (a narcissistic troll in my opinion), informs him that she is moving his daughter out of state, with her new husband and there is nothing he can do about it. She relieves his pain for that night, by fulfilling both of their needs.
Now they start a wonderful fulfilling relationship, but then the past rears its ugly head and tries to destroy their special love they have for each other.
This book is unlike any other military romance I have ever read and it is my favorite of all time, one that I have read again and again. The author’s knowledge of military life, rank and laws is phenomenal, and it really makes the story just that little more perfect, that everything is correct. The writing is smooth and the plot is truly perfect. I am hoping to read much more from this author.
I give A Soldier’s Wish a well-deserved 10 out of 10.

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