Mar 1, 2015

Voluptuous Vindication by Rose Wynters Review

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TITLE – Voluptuous Vindication 
SERIES – The Endurers – Book #4 
AUTHOR – Rose Wynters 
GENRE – Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Erotic Romance 
PUBLICATION DATE – December 25, 2013 
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 415 Pages 
PUBLISHER – Rose Wynters 
Voluptuous Vindication - Book Cover


No good deed goes unpunished...

Reeling from a tragic event, Endurer Ian Bauer is forced back into the fight when demons set their sights on an mortal angel. He has to keep her alive for four weeks, something easier said than done, especially since it's easy to see that the plus-sized female is attracted to him. The last thing on his mind is sex, especially when it comes to a BBW.
But Ian never counted on the wicked attraction that flares up between them... 

 So finally we get to Ian’s story! I have been waiting for this book since Rubenesque Rapture, and it is even better than I could have imagined!
So after the devastating events that happened in Delicate Devastation, where he protected Kim’s soul; Ian has struggled to deal with what happened. So he left New Orleans, heading back to Las Vegas, gone was his happy go lucky charm and what was left was this hard as nails shell of a man.
As normal; Arch arrived on the scene when Ian really wants to be left alone and assigns him to protect this virtuous women, whose presence on earth can change the world.
Sara knows her life on earth is coming to an end, but she puts her life and faith into trusting Ian to keep her safe. Ian’s behavior is awful in the beginning, attacking everyone and everything. But after a while he realizes that Sara is his salvation, but just as he finds her, her time begins to run out.
This book is mind blowing! So, so good that I couldn’t put it down, and trust me 4 hours of sleep just isn’t good. This book gives a natural end to The Endurers Series, I was hoping for a love interest for Arch, but after reading Ian and Sara’s story, I just think that it would spoil the series.
The writing is amazing and smooth. I don’t think that this book could be read as a standalone, there is just too much back story in the other books that you would just miss too much of the story.
I give Voluptuous Vindication a very well deserved 10 out of 10.

Sunset couple

“What's your story, Ian,” Sara shot back, struggling to hide her irritation. “With your attitude, it must be a big one.”
Instead of retorting, he grinned grimly. It wasn't a pleasant expression. Instead, it was simply scary. Sara had seen that look before. Somewhere in the past, something, or someone, had hurt this Endurer badly.
Her first instinct was compassion, but Ian was too hardened to take kindly to it. So she remained silent, waiting to see if he would continue. When he did, it wasn't what she was expecting.
“Consider my story a diary, with a giant padlock on it. It's not open to you, or anyone else, and it never will be. Let's just make this clear now. I've bedded hundreds of women in my lifetime, and I'm no novice when it comes to recognizing feminine sexual interest.”
He stopped, casting a firm look in her mortified direction before adding, “I'm not interested, so don't bother. I'm not in the market to get laid, and even if I were, you wouldn't be my type.”
I've often been asked how I'm inspired to write about werewolves, immortals, and zombies. The answer is easy. I adore them.
Be it the Wolf Town Guardians or the Endurers, these characters have been a joy to write about. And why not? What woman wouldn't love a sexy immortal male or a long-lived werewolf that is destined to have them?
Not all of my books contain plus-sized heroines, but many of them do. I believe in true love and true love isn't based on a size tag. If you agree with this, I think you will enjoy my books.


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