Jun 5, 2015

A Kiss for Lady Mary by Ella Quinn Review

A Kiss for Lady Mary
The Marriage Game # 6
By: Ella Quinn
Releasing May 26th, 2015
Kensington Books

Ella Quinn’s bachelors do as they like and take what they want. But when the objects of their desire are bold, beautiful women, the rules of the game always seem to change…
Handsome, charming, and heir to a powerful Viscount, Christopher “Kit” Featherton is everything a woman could want—except interested in marriage. So when he hears that someone on his estate near the Scottish border is claiming to be his wife, Kit sets off to investigate.

Since her parents’ death, Lady Mary Tolliver has been hounded by her cousin, a fortune-hunting fool after her inheritance. Refusing to settle for anything less than love, Mary escapes to the isolated estate of rakish bachelor, Kit Featherton. Knowing he prefers Court to the country, she believes she will be safe. But when Kit unexpectedly returns, her pretend marriage begins to feel seductively real…

A Kiss for Lady Mary is a sweet sounding book, and to be honest it is a sweet book. But when you look at the story in a basic sense, Lady Mary was being hunted…which may sound extreme, but that is exactly what was happening.
After the period of mourning her parent’s death, Lady Mary Tolliver was being stalked by her cousin Gawain Tolliver. Why? Because she stands to inherit a fortune on her 27th birthday, but until then she is under the trusteeship of her uncle…Tolliver's father. But Mary is not alone, she has her Grandmother to help her…but is her Grandmother plotting against her too? Mary get sent off to a country estate of a friend of her grandmothers, under the disguise of being a forgotten wife. Mary is hoping she will be safe.
Kit Featherton's has only ever been interested in one women; Lady Mary Tolliver, but she disappeared from the Ton years ago and Kit has resigned himself to not finding a wife he would truly love. Until the rumors of a Lady claiming to be his wife, had set herself up in his country estate. So Kit goes off to investigate.
 What neither Kit or Mary know is that their Grandmothers had plotted this reunion between Kit and Mary, but will it end up in love or understanding or will Gawain find her first.
 A Kiss for Lady Mary is a sweet tale, full of ups and downs and a little suspense thrown in. I have to say, even though I like all of the characters, the Grandmothers have a very special place in my heart.
 The book was well written, although I did get confused at a couple of places, because of the way the book was laid out. But overall it's a enjoyable read.
 I give A Kiss for Lady Mary 8 out of 10

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Ella Quinn lived all over the United States, the Pacific, Canada, England and Europe before finally discovering the Caribbean. She lives in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands with her wonderful husband, three bossy cats and a loveable Great Dane.

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