Jun 16, 2015

Curves and the All-American Male by Jenn Roseton Review

When curvy Lori agrees to babysit for her friend Sarah McCord one evening, she has no idea it’s a setup, and hunky Ty Quinn, an All-American rodeo champion, will also be there.

He’s too attractive, too confident, and just too much!

But her heart can’t ignore the fact that he could be The One - if she doesn’t allow a betrayal from her past to prejudice her first impression of him.

Will Lori give in to the sparks igniting between them, or will she let her insecurities about her curvy figure stand in the way?

So we are back with another super sweet and totally sexy book from Jenn Roseton and yes! My loyal BBW readers, it is divinely BBW!
So we are back in Coldwater Springs (yay!) land of the curvy cuties and the delicious men who love them. But this time with are with newbie teacher Lori. She is new friends with Sarah McCord (Coldwater Springs 1). But tonight she is babysitting for them, so Sarah and her husband can have a well-deserved night out, only Lori is scared out of her mind, because even though she is a teacher, she doesn’t know how to take care of babies.
Luckily for her (but not that she thinks so) she is obviously been set up as Chase also asked one of his friends, Ty Quinn to babysit by “mistake”. But it works out for them, until one day thinks Lori see’s something that has happened in the past and pushes Ty out of her life. Can Ty make her see sense?
I truly LOVE this series! I honestly could have this go on forever! It truly is a book that makes you feel good and gives you a little touch of steam and love!
I give Curves for the All-American Male 9 out of 10! It truly is simply divine!

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