Jul 31, 2015

Her Marine by Christin Lovell Review

One extra curvy author.
One extra ripped Marine.
Four years of marriage.
One day of passion.

Logan Wilde is a moderately successful mystery thriller author, a military wife, and a well-loved curvy girl.

Sergeant Russell Wilde, aka Rage, doesn’t do soft or sensual. He’s a hard man, a hard soldier, and a hard lover. He doesn’t share and he doesn’t believe in mercy, but he does believe a real man puts his woman first.

Well Ms. Christin Lovell is back with another delicious military short story. This time we are dealing with a rough and tough Marine!!!
Sgt. Russell Wilde lives up to his name! He is wild for his curvy writer wife Logan. Before her he was wild for all sorts of women, but from the moment he met Logan, he has only been wild for her curves. But Russell has a no mercy approach to life, where it comes to his work or his wife. So when he finds out she hasn’t taken care of herself! He decides to take her punishment into his own hands. But Logan wants her husband’s punishment! It is everything she craves.
Again, Christin Lovell blows me away with her writing. She can drop us into any part of one of her stories and it is like we were there from the beginning! The story is SO smooth; it just seeps into your pores and finds its way into your heart.
I give Her Marine a well-deserved 10 out of 10!

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