Jul 31, 2015

Her Soldiers by Christin Lovell Review

One extra curvy woman.
Two extra sexy soldiers.
Seven months of waiting.

Savannah Sullivan kissed her men good-bye seven long months ago. They’d missed the holidays and her birthday, which meant they had a lot of making up to do.

Ben and Brody Sullivan returned from deployment ready to make up for lost time. But a lot can happen in seven months, and one of them comes home with scars and a secret.

Every military wife knows what she’s signing up for, but signing on the dotted line and facing the reality of it are two totally different things.

One of my favorite authors is Christin Lovell, and the fact that she writes BBW books is really simply perfect! Well now she has written this Military short story…which is basically just a bite of deliciousness!
Her Soldiers is about a very lucky woman (in my opinion). You see, Savannah Sullivan is married to 2 men. But it is not all sunshine and roses as both Ben and Brody are in the Army and have both been deployed. But now they are back, but Ben and Brody have been keeping a secret and they don’t know how Savannah will react. Will this welcome home be all that they wanted or will a secret destroy their happiness.
As always with Christin Lovell’s stories, I always want more...but then, she could never write enough to sate my hunger for these stories! The books are extremely well written and the characters are divine.
So my rating for this little nugget is 10 out of 10!

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