Aug 14, 2015

Bear in Mind by Christin Lovell Review

Plus sized Bryn had resigned herself to a life of solitude, despite her best friend’s efforts. She had accepted her fate and was okay simply focusing on finishing her degree and working fulltime at the coffee shop. The only time she doubted herself was when Bear was around. Then all of her efforts shifted to taming her intense desire for the sexy male.

Orson Bear avoided pursuing Bryn for five years, giving her the opportunity to achieve her goals first. It had been hell on he and his bear, but it was the right decision.

Or so he’d thought.

When Bryn’s life is threatened one night, Bear is forced to act fast, exposing his long held secret: that she is his mate. Shaken by the events, he shares the truth of what he is and what she means to he and his bear.

It’s only when Bryn walks away that Bear realizes his mistake all those years ago. He should have said something from the beginning. He should have chased her. Because the truth was, he needed her more than she needed him.

Or so he’d thought.

Black Fall is a small mountain town. Despite everyone knowing everyone, as this series will unveil, rarely do we know everything about everyone. We all have secrets. We all have desires. And we all have a bear to tame

It is very clear (at least to me), that I am VERY addicted to this new series called Black Fall Bears by the amazingly talented Christin Lovell! But what you also should be aware of is…this is the first book of the series and it might be a little presumptuous…but I very much doubt it. This book is called Bear in Mind and from the get go it is delicious!
Bryn (our curvy heroine) is working at a coffee shop and going to school. And every day she sees the man that she has had a crush on for 5 years; Orson Bear. But Bryn has convinced herself that she is not the type of women that Bear wants. She sees all his friends with skinny polished women and that makes Bryn feel inferior. But every day when he comes in for his coffee with honey, she day dreams about him, until her awful boss opens his mouth and drags her back to reality.
Bear is not just a Bear in name! He is also a werebear. And 5 years ago he found his mate; Bryn. But Bear won’t connect with her, not because he doesn’t find her attractive, as he is permanently erect around her. But it’s because he wants her to grow as a person and not overwhelm her. But then one night Bryn get into danger, only to have bear save her. Now he is determined to claim his mate. But Bryn thinks he is repulsed by her and tries to remove herself from his life, so he is not forced to be with her! Confusion reigns, but will Bear and Bryn be able to clear up the confusion?
OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I LOVE THIS BOOK SO FREAKING MUCH! And yes that deserved to be shouted! Everything about this book is perfect! From the writing, plot and characters! It’s just a whole book of deliciousness! Add to that, the teaser at the end for the next book and you are just left a hot mess by the end of this book!
I give Bear in Mind 10 out of 10! And now I am left drooling for the next book!!

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