Aug 12, 2015

From Indiana, With Love by Sandra Sookoo Review

Samantha Arnold, prep cook and struggling romance novelist, believes adventure is right around the corner, but nothing exciting happens in the small town of Newburg, Indiana. When a routine trip to pick up chicken results in meeting Mitchell, she can’t help but hope things are about to turn.

Special Agent Patton Mitchell despises the farming community. He’s watching his mark as well as the meek and mild Samantha. Her questionable Internet search history has triggered a visit from the NSA, and he’s not above a little flirting to get his answers.

Small town life explodes with intrigue, guns and betrayal to boot. What she thinks of as a madcap caper is a fight for life or death in Mitchell’s book. Between dodging bullets, chasing a would-be terrorist and dealing with drop-in relatives, there might just be a shot at romance—if the bad guys don’t get them first.

We start this book with Sam at the Cafe, opening her red cooler and realizing she had been "gyped" (love that word) out of the 12 chicken's Joe's farm, but more specifically, the fake farmer who is at Joe's farm Sam goes back and confront the fake farmer (aka Mitchell) and demand either the 12 chickens she paid for or her money back.

This book was such a joy to read. It made me laugh so hard, without that awkwardness that I normally find in a Suspense/rom com. I love the fact that the characters a made to feel real, from Mitchell's jealousy to Sam's messy apartment. I also loved the insight into the pitfalls of being a digital author. I love the whole premise of this suspense and the bad guys’ keystone cops approach had me laughing so hard, I cried. 
This book was very well written and flowed seamlessly, I encourage everyone buy this book.
I give this great story a 9 out 10, and I am eternally grateful that there is FINALLY a suspense/Rom-com that doesn't make me cringe and is actually believable

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