Aug 12, 2015

Happy Pants Cafe by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Review


For over forty-five years, singles have been secretly flocking to The Happy Pants Café. And what are they searching for? It’s not coffee. And it’s not pants. It’s true love, and everyone who goes, finds it!

So what, exactly, is the café’s big secret? Harper Branton, a columnist for the San Francisco Tribune, who’d sooner believe in unicorns than in true love, is about to find out. And it’s the perfect story to save her train wreck of a career.

Too bad she’s got competition. He’s sexy, he’s arrogant, and he thinks she’s crazy. ("What kind of person doesn’t believe in love?") And this coming from a man!

When these two rivals go head to head, it's more like a WWF smackdown. A shared history binds them in wonderful, terrible ways quickly turning their duel into more than just a fight for a story.

Will they tear each other apart for the win or end up as two more satisfied Happy Pants customers?

To start with, I can't really go into the story in the review, as that will completely destroy the story line and here at Cara’s Book Boudoir, we try not to do spoilers.
This book is a romantic comedy and I am not really a romantic comedy fan. Some of the interactions between Harper and her love/hate interest were bordering on cringe-worthy, which at times (for me) made the book a little hard to read. But then again I would like to point out; I am not a big Rom-Com fan I do have to say that 99% of the book is great!
The characters are funny and half of them remind me of my crazy family and in-laws. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is so very good at describing the characters, not just physically but personality, certain phrases will stay with me forever.
So despite me being totally weird (according to my husband) and not liking Rom-Com's, I am going to give this book 8 out of 10. It made me smile and that is the most important thing about books, books are supposed to move your emotions.

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