Aug 14, 2015

Her Sailor by Christin Lovell Review

It was one bad decision.
It was one mistake they both had to live with.
Now they have one last chance to save their marriage.

Three months ago, plus size Remy chose her sister over her own husband. Now her sister, Rory, is on her deathbed, having attempted to end her life, and Remy must face her choices head on.

After three months of separation, upon hearing about Rory, John returns to his wife’s side because, frankly, he’s a decent man, and it’s the right thing to do. But what starts out as nobility soon becomes determination.

Could the person who tore them apart be the one who brings them back together forever? A lot can happen in three months. A lot more can happen in a single night, though.

This is the story of Remy. Remy is a giver and she gives everything to everyone, except for the one person who loves her most…Her husband John.
Remy has always given everything she had to her sister; she gave everyone so much it cost her, her 5 years marriage to her Sailor husband John, who refused to  prove his love for her and to be pushed aside for her sister and so he left.
Now 3 months later Remy’s sister had attempted to commit suicide, and John comes back to offer Remy support. Remy doesn’t feel worthy of his love! Do they love each other enough to make a second go of their marriage and will Remy re-evaluate her priorities
I will admit; Her Sailor was tough for me to read, as my family has been in this situation. But it brought tears to my eyes and by the end of this short story, I was cheering for a Happily Ever After.
Yet again Christin Lovell has written a short masterpiece which I truly loved! And for that reason I give Her Sailor 10 out of 10!

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