Aug 12, 2015

I'm With Stupid by Alexis Adaire Review

In this sizzling cuckold husband and hotwife humiliation erotica story, Michael’s and Julie’s lives take a strange turn the day Julie catches Michael in bed with her best friend. Wanting to teach her husband a humiliating lesson by making him feel that same pain, Julie plans a little party with him as the guest of honor who can only sit helpless and watch as Julie takes it again and again from a variety of men, hard and without protection. At the time, neither had any idea that Julie’s revenge would change them and their relationship forever. In this short novel, each tells their side of the story.

I'm With Stupid is the ultimate cuckold husband/hotwife fantasy. After catching her husband Michael with her best friend, Julie wants revenge. A simple plan to force Michael to watch her with another man takes on a life of its own as Julie finds new men willing to help her with her revenge. By the time she's ready to make Michael pay, Julie realizes she has desires of her own she'd never shared with Michael — but he would definitely learn by having to helplessly watch her as she lives them, one by one, right before his eyes. This story has it all: a cuckold, a hotwife, humiliation, barebacking hard and without protection, domination, submission, multiple partners, lesbianism, and yes, love.

So this book is a very different Alexis Adaire book, than I have read before. This story is about a couple who go through the ultimate betrayal and the ultimate revenge. But in the end, is it really revenge?
When Michael commits the ultimate betrayal it devastates Julie. But rather than just divorce (mainly because she still loves him), she starts to build revenge in her head and acts on it, but how will Michael cope with Julie’s idea of revenge.
This book is so hot and sexy and totally blows you away...and possibility makes you a little horny as well. So I am going to give I'm With Stupid 9 out of 10

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