Aug 12, 2015

Indulging The Professor by Ella Jade Review

A Pleasure Inn Series Steamy Short.
Featuring Logan and Elyse from Master of The Inn.

Meet the first guests to stay at Pleasure Inn…
Where all of your fantasies become reality.

Professor Marcus Santos has become unsatisfied in his life. His career is at an all time high but he has no one to share it with. He’s buried himself in his work for so long he’s missed out on a social life. His policy of not dating university students has limited his search to find the perfect girlfriend. While out at a bar one night he runs into his intriguing research assistant. Their brief encounter changes the dynamics of their relationship.
Shy graduate student Jacqueline Kincaid has been taken with Professor Santos since her freshman year. His charismatic personality and driven work ethic drew her to him, but now that she’s getting to know him on a personal level she can’t get him out of her head. He shows interest in her but won’t take things further than kissing.
Marcus offers her a special graduation present. Spend two nights at Pleasure Inn with him. Jacqueline jumps at the chance to move forward in their new relationship. Now that she’s no longer his student he wants more with her. Pleasure Inn is just the place to make all of their fantasies realty.

This book is my favorite Ella Jade book so far! I think it’s because of the Professor and Student romance that I find really hot! Either way this story is HOT! I normally hate flashback segments but in this story I love it. Marcus (The Professor) first noticed Jacqueline (the student) from her first day in his class. But Marcus lives by a strong set of rules, so on they continue on even after Jacqueline becomes his research assistant.
Flash-forward to Jacqueline’s last semester at college; Marcus is at Logan’s bachelor party at a bar 20 miles from campus, but Jacqueline just so happens to spots him and goes over to say hi. Marcus asks her if she wants to have dinner with him on Friday and she jumps at the chance. At this point of the book I got excited, I thought that Marcus would put aside his beliefs, but alas he does not, but they do keep their Friday night dates all the way up until she graduates. For a graduation gift Marcus takes Jacqueline to The Pleasure Inn for weekend with hopes that their relationship will graduate to the next level also. 
I truly love this book and so it earns 10 out of 10 from me

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