Aug 12, 2015

Kane's Bounty by A.S. Fenichel Review

Telepathic bounty hunter Kane has one rule— never get involved with a fugitive. It is a simple assignment with good money at the end. Picking Lena up is no problem. Protecting her when her ex-husband, mercenaries and another bounty hunter threaten her turns into the fight of their lives. Together, The Stones of Adeline and Lena are powerful magic. She never considered the complication of the sexy bounty hunter, and her undeniable desire for him. Their paranormal bond will need to be strong if they’re to survive together.

This book is delicious! Oh my word I loved it. I loved that alpha side of Kane, especially when he was in the bar rescued Lena from Wade and took her to safety, before even talking to her. I love the way Kane tells Lena that he doesn't know what love is! I love the way that Kane protects Lena from his own brother! But finally I love the way Kane looks at Lena and tells her he's not worthy of her.
If you couldn't tell by now I simply adore this book, all the characters and the plot line, oh and the steaming hot sex! How A.S. Fenichel came up this this whole idea is beyond me! I for one have never read anything like this and to tell you the truth! I AM HOOKED!!
I hope there are more books in the series, because I will be in the first in line to buy them. A solid 10 out of 10 from me and no need to probe my mind to tell if I liked it ;-)

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