Aug 27, 2015

Longing by Jamie K. Schmidt Review

Reeling from a disastrous love affair, model and budding fashion designer Anya Litton needs a temporary refuge, a place to lick her wounds and plan her next career move. At Club Inferno, where seductively chic men and women indulge their most intimate fantasies, she can mix business with unimaginable pleasure. Anya quickly connects with club Dom Clint Reyes, who unleashes Anya’s deepest longings over nights of burning passion.

Clint is a master at taking submissives to the heights of pleasure in Club Inferno’s opulent private dungeons. But it’s Anya who has Clint begging for more when the woman of his dreams becomes his eager partner in exploring the limits of desire. As their relationship ignites into an erotic contest of wills—and a jealous rival plots against them both—Clint prepares to fight for a future with Anya. In this complicated dance, the wrong move could end it all . . . and taking control means total surrender.

I cannot tell you just how much I enjoy the Club Inferno series! It’s funny, well written and yes it has sex and BDSM but it also has SO MUCH MORE.
Longing has to be one if my favorite books, I think it’s because it have the BBW aspect of story. Anya is not relegated to a secondary because she has curves, but embraced her as a main character and I give the author some major kudos for that.
But enough of my hero worship of Jamie K. Schmidt ;) The story is all about Anya, the plus size model slash accessories teacher and sex talk coach and Clint who is a stripper slash Dom. They are very drawn to each other. After a small incident they start working towards something together, that is till the ex's of her past walk it and you’re left wondering if Anya will ever fully trust anyone and will Clint understand Anya's insecurities?
I give Longing a 10 out of 10! Because it leaves me "Longing" for more

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