Aug 27, 2015

Perfectly Normal by Jaden Wilkes Review

Take a girl like Columbia; put her in a vastly different life with a man unlike anyone she's ever known. Throw in Dimitri's nightmares, the Concierge's disdain for Dimitri's new house guest and a few hundred people looking high and low for the both of them...and it makes for a very interesting first few months in a brand new relationship.
Picking up at the end of the last chapter from the first bestselling book in this series, this novel covers their time together in Hong Kong. Two twisted and imperfect beings must adjust to their new lives together while avoiding detection from authorities and an international crime ring.
***As with the first novel in this series, this story covers dark themes with 18+ sex, murder and violence***

This book is super dark, so if you can't handle Murder, Violence, Rough Sex, MFM Ménage and the minds of killers... STEP AWAY FROM THIS BOOK NOW! BECAUSE IT HAS IT ALL!
So we meet back up with Dimitri and Columbia, but this time they are Hong Kong, they are trying to find stability in their seriously messed up lives, but also Columbia is training with the Concierge...why I hear you ask, is it for more sex games with Dimitri? Is it to kill more of her family members? Well you will just have to read the book to find out ;-)
Again this book is great. You should never open a book by Jaden Wilkes without an open mind, because all of society’s taboos will be featured in it, but god, they are great. The first time I read The Beast, I fell in love with the Characters, in Perfectly Normal you get to know more about Dimitri and Columbia and see how they begin to mesh as a couple and how they grow into each other’s lives. You also get to find out a LOT more about the Concierge, like his name (I am not telling) and his live before working for Dimitri.
Overall, this book is filled with delicious nastiness and stomach clenching violence and I LOVED every minute of it. For that reason I give Perfectly Normal 10 out of 10. I hope we hear of the three's next adventures very soon.

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