Aug 19, 2015

Ready To Rumble by Shayne McClendon Review

Demitria Stavos has been secretly in love with her father’s star performer, Nikolai “Granite” Petrov for years. She has an international reputation as a party girl and he doesn’t even notice she’s alive.

When they’re thrown together on a promotional tour for the Stavos’ professional wrestling entertainment company, each may have finally met their match.

Wow! This book is super-HOT! And I don’t just mean the sex! So we start the story with Demitria in her hotel room with her assistant Claire going through the tabloids on her tablet and reading an article about herself then about the wrestler she is in love with. We then follow a short flashback on Demi life and her career finishing injury and the part that Nikolai plays in taking care of her. Demi then goes to the hotel gym to work out only to find she is working out with the man of her dreams, Nikolai.
She goes back to the hotel room to change for the day. Little does she know that when she goes to the wrestling tryouts her whole life as she knows it will change?
The characters in this book are awesome and you find yourself loving every single one of them. From Demi’s over protective father and brothers to Claire, Demi’s assistant. Every character has an important role to play and I still hope every day that the author will suddenly get the idea to write a series about the characters.
Apart from the couple of auto correct mistakes this book if a super-hot read, I found the writing to be smooth and free of plot holes. She also included Nikolai POV!!!! This is truly fantastic book; my one dislike of the book is that I wish it was longer. Ready to Rumble earns 9 out of 10 from me

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