Aug 27, 2015

Seeing Red by Holley Trent Review

She married him to save face, but will it be at her heart’s expense?

Megan Coffman needs to put her divorce from one of rock and roll’s biggest womanizers behind her—fast. Dubbed “Poor Meg” by the music media, she’s sick of being pitied and thinks the best way to show the public she’s moved on is to flash her brand new engagement ring. But now she needs a man and a wedding to go with it...

Thirty-five year old Russian expatriate Seth “Red” Rozhkov likes the idea of an instant family and agrees to play husband for a year for a virtual stranger. Women just want him for one thing anyway, and it’s not happily-ever-after. A mutual friend swears if Red plays his cards right, he could have Meg for keeps. He’s willing to try.

Meg finds Red an enigma. He’s a gentle giant, solicitous almost to a fault—and the no-strings-attached sex is amazing, but she’s used to being used. What’s Red getting out of the deal? How can she trust a man who hasn’t asked her for anything in return?

So the book starts as follows...Meg got crapped upon from a great height by her ex and since then she wants to make sure she is not seen as a pathetic loser by the press. So she gets married again, so she is not called "Poor Meg" anymore. So they marry with the idea of getting a divorce in the future, when all the media junk calms down...I see a flaw in that logic but let's ride it out shall we.
I have to say I had a hard time with this book. I found myself not liking Megan at all. She came across as bitchy and a user. I found her constant moaning annoying. Meg's character seems to do everything impulsively or to spike another person.
Seth is a sweet guy and I like him a lot. Why his character married Meg is beyond me. There was no explanation of why he married her? No Green Card issues, Seth wasn't her secret admirer, he didn't owe anyone money or lose a bet. So I am completely baffled on why they got together...
I will not say this is a bad book, just maybe not the book for me. I liked all the other characters in the book. Especially Meg's elder brother Stephen, who at times made me laugh out loud. I also really liked Sharon, I mean come on, she hooked Meg up with a really hot guy. I have to say the exceptions to the rule of liking all the characters stops when it comes to Spike and his manager. They really grossed me out and I felt like I needed a shower after reading about them.
In the end Seeing Red is a good summer time pool book, so it earns 7 out of 10 from me.

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