Aug 19, 2015

Take It Deep by Jaimie Roberts Review

Ana is left feeling devastated and betrayed by the one man she has ever loved and trusted with all her heart. She stays in bed for days, pain gripping her like nothing she has ever felt before. Jessie—along with a surprising colleague—seems determined not to see her give up. With true friends by her side, Ana feels there is no other option but to get on with her life, and try her best to get over Jake. However, some startling secrets are revealed that blow that whole idea wide apart. Jake is resolute in winning Ana’s heart back, vowing to fight for her, however long it takes.

Meanwhile a nasty surprise turns up for Ana, revealing the knowledge that Alan is back and he’s coming to get her. She was the one that got away and he is determined more than ever to make sure that never happens again. Shocked and visibly shaken, she contacts Agent Marcos to help her, but she knows her secret will not be hidden for much longer.

Feeling that she has let Alan take over her life for far too long, she takes action making sure that she is ready for him. Jake is there as always, causing her to rethink their relationship. Once she does make up her mind though, a shocking discovery halts her dead in her tracks.

WOW WOW WOW this book has it all! Drama, suspense, tantrums and a generous amount of ice cream. We literally start this book of from when Ana walks into Jessie’s apartment and unloads Jake’s betrayal and behavior then takes to herself to bed for days. When the reason why Ana’s Mum has come back hurts Ana more, she decides that her relationship is done.
Ana picks herself and gets back to work after a face to face confrontation Jake, only to have EVERYTHING she has ever believed in blown apart. Then a monster from Ana’s childhood comes back to haunt her. Ana needs help and after going FBI she also reveals her past to Jake. Then one night changes Ana’s relationship with Jake and now Ana doesn’t know if Jake will want her again.
I LOVE this book, just when you thought things are finally calm enough for Jake and Ana to sort things out BAM! something out of left field comes and throws you for a loop.
It’s a great conclusion to Take a Breath. Jaimie Roberts is a great author and I can’t wait to read more of her books. 10 out of 10

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