Aug 5, 2015

Truly Sweet by Candis Terry Review

Truly Sweet
Sweet, Texas #5
By: Candis Terry
Releasing July 28th, 2015

Candis Terry returns to Sweet, Texas for the last time when former Marine Jake Wilder discovers how truly sweet love can be.

When the one you’ve always wanted

At sixteen, Annabelle Morgan hoped her crush on Jake Wilder was just a passing phase. Now she’s twenty-nine and nothing has changed except Jake. The once-carefree marine has come home with a giant chip on his shoulder. He insists a single mom like Annie deserves more than he can offer. Yet no matter how gruff his gorgeous exterior may be, Jake s toe-curling kisses convince her that this attraction is definitely mutual.

Becomes the one who wants you back

Butting heads with feisty Annie was always a thrill. Add other body parts to the mix, and Jake is in serious trouble. He can’t be a forever-and-family guy and Annie s not a friends-with-benefits kind of woman. But love has a way of changing the best-laid plans, and surrender has never been so tempting.

The outcome is truly sweet.

So I think this maybe the last book of the Sweet series…though I hope with a passion that it never ends…Sorry Candis Terry.
So we are finally at Jake Wilder’s story and I am thrilled! No literally! I am jumping up and down excited!! But he is not the only hero I fall in love with in this book! Trust me, once you meet Hank!! You will fall in love to.
Jake Wilder is back in Sweet, after the Marines gave him an honorable discharge, whether he wanted it or not. He is still struggling with his leg and his mind has trapped him in a hell, where he feels that he is not good enough anymore and he let his men down and he not only lost his own brother to this war. But he lost them men under his command, especially his brother from another mother Eli. To add to the guilt, Eli’s wife was pregnant and Eli would never get to see his baby, and in Jake’s mind, that was his entire fault. But that’s not Jake’s only problem! Oh no! Jake’s other issue is a little Spitfire named Annie!
But life had not been kind to Annie. To begin with she had parents who would abandon her at a moment’s notice. Add to that an ex who ran the moment she told him she was pregnant! So she returned to Sweet and made a life herself and her son Max. But then Jake walked back into her life and sparks flew light a lightning rod in a thunderstorm…but where will they go from here!
This book is truly amazing! It stole my heart, broke it and made it even better! Yes! That’s right! That is just how good the plot is! The characters are amazing, the writing is smooth and you just can’t help but fall in love with everyone. I just add a plea! That Peter Castlewood gets his own story! He needs it, I need it! I don’t think the Wilder Family would be complete without it.
So after all of that, I give Truly Sweet a well-deserved 10 out of 10!

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Two months, three surgeries, and a stint in a military rehab hospital later, Jake kicked up gravel and dust in his black Chevy truck with the radio blasting Montgomery Gentry’s “Hell Yeah.” He flew down the proverbial long and winding road past the ranches that dotted the landscape with wide-open meadows and grazing longhorn cattle. Past the landmarks of Sweet, Texas and the memories of his youth where he and his brothers had raised more than a little hell while having the time of their lives.
In no hurry to be anywhere in particular, he turned the truck onto Main Street and cruised past the old water tower where any high school kid worth their weight in rebellion went to drink beer. At the stop sign while he waited for a young mother and her three small children to scurry across the street, he looked over to Sweet Surprise, the thriving cupcake and ice cream shop his former sister-in-law Fiona owned. He thought about stopping in to sample his favorite flavor but this morning his stomach rumbled for more than a sugary treat. Today, his taste buds hankered for the gut bomb meal he’d craved all those months he’d eaten sand sandwiches in Afghanistan. Not to mention the bland fare called hospital food while they’d had his leg hijacked in some kind of futuristic contraption.
Maybe a burger dripping with cheese wasn’t going to change the world or make him forget that the Marines had kicked him to the curb with what they’d politely termed an honorable discharge, but it would satisfy his hunger and momentarily get him away from the lovable hovercraft he called Mom.
His reentry into civilian life had taken place two days ago. During those forty-eight hours he’d been overwhelmed by the surge of love and attention from family and friends. Not that he didn’t appreciate it. But the moment he’d walked through the front door of Wilder Ranch, the calls and visitors had been nonstop. The casseroles and desserts had piled up on the kitchen table until it looked like either someone had died or they were preparing for one of the famous Wilder Family BBQ Blowouts.
All the while his mother had barely taken her eyes off him. Though his healing and progress had been good, he still walked with a cane, which apparently communicated a distress signal to the woman who’d given him life. Mama Bear kept such a close eye on him he figured any minute she’d put bumper guards on all the hard-surfaced furniture like she had when he’d been a kid.
Just this morning he’d needed a moment of solitude and had gone into the barn to brush down Rocky, his favorite quarter horse. In two blinks his mother rushed out to check on him. Jake had felt his throat tighten and a streak of panic tighten his chest. While he appreciated the love and thoughtfulness, he was having a hard time adjusting to all the fuss.
He wasn’t broken, he just needed a break.

Candis Terry was born and raised near the sunny beaches of Southern California and now makes her home on an Idaho farm. She’s experienced life in such diverse ways as working in a Hollywood recording studio to chasing down wayward steers. Only one thing has remained the same: her passion for writing stories about relationships, the push and pull in the search for love, and the security one finds in their own happily ever after.

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting TRULY SWEET!

  2. Awww, that moment when you read the last book in a series and it's over! :/ But I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Better than the series ending on a rough note O_O Books that break your heart are truly wonderful!

    Fantastic review, Cara! Have a fabulous weekend :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books! (fellow Avon Addict member)