Aug 19, 2015

Until I Met You by Jaimie Roberts Review

What happens when the worlds of two tortured souls collide?

Angelina Bradshaw has always believed that she does not need a man in her life. That's what she has been telling herself her entire adult life. She feels worlds apart from her family’s dreams for her to meet a man, settle down, and have babies. She certainly can’t be doing that because love just gets in the way. She has a 'go to' guy and that's enough for her.

Living in rural Cornwall, she is bored and in desperate need of adventure, so when a family friend offers her a job in London, there's no hesitation. She expected adventure, she expected a new start, but what she didn't expect was to meet a man who would turn her life upside-down. Seth Jacobs is hot, sexy, and can't understand why Angelina doesn't want him. No one has ever said no to Seth Jacobs—in fact—they all fall at his feet.

Seth pursues her relentlessly and Angelina fights him at every corner. He is the only man who has ever affected her, and the need to run from him is immense. However, Seth is not one to give up so easily. He soon finds himself on a mission, determined to win her heart.

Unfortunately for Angelina, all is not well when her past and present collide after receiving some unwelcoming and frightening news from home. She feels desperate and alone, but most of all, she feels she has to push Seth away before it’s too late.

To make matters worse, a catastrophic secret from the past is revealed, threatening to destroy the one thing, Angelina finally holds dear to her heart.

I truly loved this book, even though it brought out extreme emotions in me. But in my opinion, if a book doesn't evoke an emotion it’s not a good book! We meet Angelina the morning of her sister’s wedding and the day before she escapes to London. She feels that this will give her a fresh start. With one last fling she says good bye to Cornwall. When she meets Seth for the first time he sparks all sorts of emotions within her and that makes her angry, which she tells him bluntly? She is trying to protect herself and her past, but she is not the only one! Angelina's character is complex, which I love! She is a straight shooting professional when at work, unless it’s with Seth and then its balls to the wall hostility and sexual tension.
I like Angelina a lot but she runs A LOT! Really! Where does she get the energy! Seth character in the beginning is one of a playboy and his bunnies! But we quickly finds that he is using them just as a shield, all he wants is his "Cookie" (Angelina) and is determined to have her! This book is well written, flows seamlessly and sparks emotion.
It is a stand-alone and the plot twists will astound you! It deals with lots of mature issues, so if you are looking for some flighty, light hearted romance this book is not for you! If you want lead characters with issues and hot sex, it’s perfect! This book earns 10 out of 10 for emotionally devastating me and restoring my faith in true love all at the same time.

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