Aug 17, 2015

When the Rancher Came to Town by Emma Cane Review

Welcome to Valentine Valley!

The Silver Creek Rodeo is in full swing, and everyone's talking about the rancher who came to town…

Bed-and-breakfast owner Amanda Cramer wants nothing more than a quiet, private life. Well, she wants guests too, but after suffering her share of unwanted notoriety, she's gotten comfortable hiding out in her inn . . . perhaps a little too comfortable. When her newest customer arrives—tall, dark, and breathtaking—Amanda begins to question her self-imposed exile.

Ex-rodeo star Mason Lopez knows all about the limelight. He'd avoid it if he could, but since one last ride could mean saving his family's ranch, he'll go all in. When he gets to Valentine Valley for the Silver Creek Rodeo, Mason checks into the Connections B&B and finds himself immediately drawn to the beautiful, reserved woman who owns it.

Mason has only three days in town . . . can he convince Amanda to open her heart to him and welcome the world back in?

So I do love a good cowboy story and this book is no exception. This book has everything in it to make me smile, a woman who needs to rediscover herself, a rancher who wants to help, an undeniable attraction, a Wild West weekend and outrageous costumes.
This book is not full length but a novella. Please don't let that dissuade you though! Emma Cane has written this book so well, it fills full length. There are no gaping holes in the plot line and no stupid ridiculousness that would make it cringe worthy! The leads don't declare themselves head over heels in love with each other after knowing each other for 5 minutes.
So Amanda's character in the beginning comes across as a little harsh, but that impression very quickly goes away and you are left feeling heartbroken for the trauma she went through. Then we move on to Mason and you instantly feel terrible for the hand he has been dealt, but then his strength and determination shines through and you can't help to smile and cheer him on. But the characters that most made me laugh and giggle we the widows! Oh my word! They were just fantastic!
So in a nutshell it’s a wonderfully sweet romance and a story of strength and courage! And so after going through all of that I give this book 9 out of 10

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