Aug 17, 2015

White Collared #2: Greed by Shelly Bell Review

Restrained by duty … Reeling from a threatening phone call and frightened that her past will be revealed, Kate turns to the one man she can still trust: Nick. She can't deny her attraction to him, yet she craves the passionate connection she has with Jaxon.
Bound by passion … Undercover at Benediction, Jaxon introduces Kate to the sensual pleasures found in exhibitionism and voyeurism. While they mingle with the club's patrons, Jaxon and Kate unearth clues about his wife Alyssa's last days that could lead them to her killer. But as she investigates further, Kate is shocked to learn of a cold case that is eerily similar to Alyssa's murder … and when the evidence ties Jaxon to yet another death, Kate begins to question everything she knows about her enigmatic lover.

Woo hoo! The second installment of the White Collared Series has arrived and I am now more addicted than I was after Mercy, if that's even possible.
So, when continue the story from the second we left off (thank god!). Someone is scaring Kate and it is working. She is not afraid of Jax, he is not who scares her, it is the person or persons who seem to know everything about her and the life that she has tried to put behind her and they are not afraid to use it against Kate, to meet their end goal.
Kate and Jax are preparing for the Benediction, but their relationship is getting steamier and Kate is getting more confused about what she wants. She still hero worships Nick, especially after he came and protected her after the call. But she doesn't want to share her relationship with Jax with him. I am going to leave it there are I don't want to give away the story.
I can't even tell you how much I love this series (if you can't tell). Every book is another delicious nugget that I devour. The twist at the end of this book is a shock and completely threw me!
This delicious nugget earns 10 out of 10 from me and I am dying for the next installment!

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