Aug 17, 2015

Woo'd In Haste by Sabrina Darby Review

Miss Bianca Mansfield is ready for her debut. If only her older sister didn't insist on marrying first. She's doomed to wait to find love. Until she meets . . . him.

For Lucian Dorlingsley, Viscount Asquith, recently returned from an extended tour abroad, it is love at first sight. He's determined to meet Bianca, even if it means masquerading as a tutor to her young half-brother.

Soon Bianca is torn between love and duty and about to make a desperate decision. Can Lucian calm her fury over his betrayal when he reveals that he's not nearly as improper a match as he seems? And will they ever be able to find a match for her older sister to turn this masquerade into wedded bliss?

This book is a unique one, a story where a son of an Earl will pretend to be a tutor to pursue the women of his dreams. We start this book with Luc and Reggie, which make a refreshing change. Luc, the only son of the Earl of Finleigh, had come to Watersham, after his Grand Tour had come to an end. Before reaching Reggie’s home, Luc had fallen in love, and all that he knew about he was her name.
When Luc tell Reggie that he is in love with Miss Mansfield, Reggie face looked aghast, with that Luc lost some of his confidence. Which Miss Mansfield is it? Kate the brat or Bianca the one forced to live in Kate’s shadow… This book is short and I seemed to fly through it.
The author goes into a lot of detail, which normally I would love, but there was a little too much in places. I liked the lead character’s Bianca and Luc well enough, but they didn’t grab me and drag me in to the book. Luc is the opposite of the normal romantic lead, not brooding or prideful.
When it comes to Bianca, even though she has her small battles with Mr. Dore (Luc), she seems content with allowing everyone to think that she is happy with her family to control her life, which I find rather frustrating. But then Bianca shocks me and FINALLY stands up to her father.

“All I want is to be able to live my life.” They both turn at Bianca’s voice. “You are living your life-” “In Kate’s shadow! No, not even in her shadow because most of the year she is flitting about doing things I can only dream of. I’m almost twenty, Father. I should have had my season.” “And you will.” “I. Am. Tired. Of. Waiting!”
And then I stood up and cheered (which earned me a strange look from the hubby)! I did love the fact that the book was not just from the female prospective, I love that we hear what the man is thinking, and it always gives the book a more rounded feel.
The idea that the main male character changes who his identity to pursue the main female character is not new, but the fact that Luc went in to Bianca’s home, to take a servants position, to have her fall in love with him, for who he really is! It is new! It is refreshing! I just wish I had felt a greater connection with the characters.
This book earned 8 out of 10, as it’s a wonderfully sweet and calm romance.

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