Oct 1, 2015

His Tempting Bride by Jenn Roseton Review

The first book in the spin-off series from the popular Billionaire Brothers series.

When curvy event planner Heather Lancaster meets Gage Coltson in a New York City hotel, she’s instantly attracted to him. And when she helps him out, he repays her by inviting her to vacation on his ranch.

But when her sister shows up to “rescue” her, she discovers that Gage is related to the billionaire Trask brothers.

Stressed out Heather succumbs to his - and his ranch’s - charm. And when she rescues a puppy, Gage helps her care for the appealing creature.

As her two-week vacation turns into three, she slowly falls in love with the sexy rancher. But what about her career in New York? Should she risk it all for love? Could Gage ever love her - and her curves?

So we are back with another Jenn Roseton amazing BBW book and I for one was super excited to get my hand of the book and boy! It didn’t fail me in any way!
Heather Lancaster is an event planner for an upscale hotel in NYC, but due to staff being sick, she is covering the front desk as there is a big rancher’s convention being held in her hotel. While working on the front desk, Heather see a man that affects her in a way that no man has every affected her before.

Gage Coltson was instantly attracted to Heather and when she helped him after he had his wallet stolen and not expected to benefit anything for it, just made him desire her more. He offered his thanks in inviting her to his ranch in Montana, but what he wasn’t expecting was her sister Phoebe and his newly found cousin to turning up to make sure Heather is okay and to insist that she goes home with them.
But Heather is steadfast in wanting to develop into this new relationship with Gage. But after extending her vacation by an extra week, she still doesn’t hear the word she needs from Gage and she is left wondering how he actually feels about her.
So this book is a little different from the other books that Jenn Roseton has written before, in the fact that the lead man is defiantly more approachable and actually comes across as human. You cannot help but fall in love with the Coltson brothers. But there is one character in this whole book that steals my heart more than others and that character is Charlie! And boy! He does he just melt you into a puddle!
The writing is magnificent and by the end of the story I felt that the story was whole and was simply perfect.
This book earns a simply perfect 10 out of 10!

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