Jan 8, 2016

Rebel Love by Jodi Linton Review

Revenge, passion and heart stopping action all come together in Jodi Linton’s scorchingly hot, REBEL LOVE, the first book in the Dirty Sinners Motorcycle Club series.  Fans of Sarah Castille’s Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club series and Katie Ashley’s Vicious Cycle will love this brand new series.

Title: Rebel Love
Author: Jodi Linton
Series: Dirty Sinners Motorcycle Club #1
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: January 4, 2016
Publisher: Entangled Publishing

The Dirty Sinners Motorcycle Club is Em Connors’s only family, but she’s ready to risk everything—both her club and her life—for vengeance. Ten months ago, she was brutally attacked and her lover gunned down by a rival gang member. Now, she’s using her position as the Dirty Sinners president to track down the truth and exact her revenge.

He’ll risk it all...

With his partner murdered by a local motorcycle gang, Houston police officer Cade Jackson jumps at the chance to go back undercover and bring down the woman the department calls the Motorcycle Princess. But the sexy-as-hell leader awakens a hunger in Cade. Dark desires run deep—and he intends on teaching Em exactly how dirty he can be. But when his cover is blown, Cade must choose to uphold the law or protect the woman he’s grown to going rogue.

Woo Hoo! I am super thrilled to be reading another Jodi Linton Book! I was a huge fan of the Laney Briggs books and now she is back with this biker gang series and I cannot wait to get stuck in!

When Emma Connors undercover cop fiancé Wes was murdered in a hit by another MC gang, she is hell bent on revenge. So while she is not only the president of The Dirty Sinner MC club and using that position to go after her enemy, but Em is also being an informant to the DEA!

Undercover cop Cade Jackson last his partner in an unexplained murder, but his chief has inside info, linking the Dirty Sinners club President to the death. Now Cade is working undercover at the Dirty Sinners club as a mechanic, trying to get the information that he wants. Little did he know that he wants Emma’s body underneath him, but boy he does!

But what will happen when Emma finds out who Cade really is and will that be able to get the person who really killed Wes?
WOW! What a book! I was gripped to this book; from start to finish and boy did I want more. Now like all Jodi Linton books, nothing is cut and dry, oh no! And BOY! Is it a hum dinger when you get through all the twists and turns! I can honestly say that I really didn’t see who the bad guy turned out to be! Blew My Freaking Mind!

The characters, plot and writing were simply perfect and this book has honestly reignited my love for MC Romances!

I give Rebel Love 10 out of 10! But it really deserves SO MUCH MORE!!!


He brushed a callused thumb on her cheek and smiled. “Go for a ride with me.”

“You’re crazy if you think I’m getting on that bike with you.” Hopping on the back of a bike with a drunk biker was plain dumb.

“Got an aversion to the guy taking the lead, sweetheart?” God, he was attractive. She found herself wanting him to kiss her. Hard. His hand curved casually around her neck as he angled his body closer and pulled her into him. “How about you hear me out first?” He winked, and the spell she was under deepened. “Then let’s talk about that kiss a little further.”
Apparently, besides tempting her beyond repair, this broad-chested guy was damn full of himself. “You seriously have one hell of a head on those shoulders. Listen, and listen closely, Cade. There will be no more kissing, touching, or spontaneous make-out sessions between us. Understand?”
His tense gaze fixed on her flushed face. The position of their bodies created a welcomed friction, and when she opened her mouth to speak, his fingers flew up to touch her lips, silencing her rebuttal. “Shush.” He leaned in slowly and pressed his mouth at her ear. “Some of the men in this club aren’t too fond of having a chick run the show.”
She had to laugh at his comment. “You think that’s news to me?”
“Explain then how a club president stays alive when her men are gunning to unseat her.”
“For sake of curiosity, who might we be talking about?” she asked, knowing it could be any Sinner, even Logan, vying to take her place at the head of the table.
Cade grunted. “Hammer.”


The accusation made sense. She’d known for a while Hammer’s discomfort with having a woman control the show but wasn’t aware that he spoke so openly about his annoyance to her holding the president patch.
She tried to scoot out from underneath his arms. “Thanks for the heads-up. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to leave and give you and your big ego some space.”
He curled a hand around her elbow and yanked her possessively up against his muscular chest, his lips pressed at her earlobe, and then he tugged on a bite. “Only a foolish man would let you just walk away.” Hot breath skated down the side of her cheek, and the proprietary way he held her body made her knees buckle under the pressure of his mouth on her skin. “And one thing I’m not, Em, is a fool…because only a foolish man wouldn’t fight for you.”
She let out an amusing laugh. “Kissing you is more trouble than it’s worth.”
“My memory is so much fonder.” Her head fell to the side, and he took it to his advantage, nipping and sucking on her neck. “You are worth all the trouble it’ll bring me to kiss you again. I need that kiss. I need you. Just you, Em.”
She licked her wet lips. “Something tells me this is going to be that kind of bad you mentioned being so damn good.”

Jodi Linton is the author of the Deputy Laney Briggs Series and the upcoming The Dirty Sinners Motorcycle Club with Entangled Publishing. She lives in Texas with her husband and two kids. When she is not writing about sassy females and dirty talking heroes, she enjoys long walks and family time down at the river. Join the Pink Pistol Readers! Jodi Linton's official Street Team for insider scoops on all her upcoming books.


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