Feb 26, 2016

Luca : Because You're Mine by Jaimie Roberts Review

Title: Luca:  Because You're Mine
Authors: Jaimie Roberts
Genre: Adult Fiction, Erotica, Romantic Comedy

 Murderous thoughts. That is what I had once Isabella walked through the door and revealed to me who she was. I needed an escape. An escape from my thoughts, an escape from the hurt... an escape from... him.
I was a broken woman, but I was never going to break my resolve. I grew up being a fighter, because I had to. No man could ever bring me down... Not even Luca.
But, I had to admit, I never thought my heart would break as much as it did that day. Of course, I fled, but I was a fool to think he would ever let me go. He always told me I was his... no matter what the cost. He was determined to keep me, regardless of the lengths he had to go to reach his goal. He was like a moth to my flame, a tattoo carved into my heart. I could never escape his pull.
I may have evaded him, but I knew it was just a matter of time. However, once he did catch up with me nothing could have prepared us for what happened next.

So I have been waiting for this book for 2 years! I know two years! From someone who won’t wait more than 6 months for any book! Well I will make the accept ion for this book. But I guess you have been wondering if I think it was worth the wait…well I guess you will have to read this review to find out.

So we left Luca book 1 at a cliff hanger that nearly killed me! That right Luca was married when Clara finds out she heads for the hills, only to be kidnapped by a crazy and shady relative of Luca’s and one of the ex-girls's from the castle! Will Luca be able to save her? And is Luca married? Oh there are so many questions rolling around in my head at that point in the book!! But I am going to leave it there as I will truly spoil the story and that is just not fair to anyone…I know, you hate me right now!

Now let me tell you some more about the basics of this book though. The writing of this book was superb! I honestly felt like I was there witnessing this happen in front of me! And I absolutely LOVE that! The plot was gripping as well as HOT!! Oh boy was it hot and at times literally made my toes curl. Now on to the characters; Clara has toned her feistiness down a little and that was was a little referees hint. Where it comes to Luca, you see his softer side especially when it comes to Clara.

Overall the book was WELL WORTH the 2 year wait and that is why I give it 5 stars.

Luca: You Will Be Mine (Sicilian Mafia, #1)
    Title: Luca (You Will Be Mine)  
Author: Jaimie Roberts
Genre: Suspenseful Erotica

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be held hostage by an Italian stallion?

My name is Clara, and I am part-owner of a brothel called “The Castle.” My empire is my home which I’ve worked hard to build a life from. A future. But one day, the infamous Luca Belatoni stepped into my office and demanded that I pay him protection money.

Of course, I refused.

Of course, he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Now he is in my castle—holding me hostage. Trying to control my mind in business and my body in bed. Neither of which I will allow. No matter how much his caramel eyes and Italian words of love puncture my hardened heart.

So, being the hostage of an Italian stallion pretty much sucks.
Because this man is a force to be reckoned with.
And while I am not frightened for my life,
I am definitely frightened for my heart.

If you don’t like dominating, overbearing arseholes, please do not read.
If you don’t like jealous and possessive men, please do not read.
If you do like all of the above, then please read.

Jaimie Roberts was born in London, but moved to Gibraltar in 2001. She is married with two sons, and in her spare time, she writes.

In June 2013, Jaimie published her first book, Take a Breath, with the second released in November 2013. With the reviews, Jaimie took time out to read and learn how to become a better writer. 

She gets tremendous enjoyment out of writing, and even more so from the feedback she receives.

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