May 24, 2016

His Inconvenient Bride by Jenn Roseton Review

Stuck with babysitting duties, sexy rancher Chance Coltson is at his wits’ end when his six-month old niece won’t stop crying. In desperation, he drives to the library to seek help.

Robin Hawley, the curvy librarian, is more than happy to assist. She’s never met a man like Chance, and wants to discover more about him.

When she’s harassed by a male patron who won’t take no for an answer, Chance comes to her rescue, claiming Robin is his fiancĂ©e!

Soon, the members of the library board hear about her engagement, and Robin and Chance are forced to maintain their charade, playing the part of a loving couple.

But will their engagement ever become real? Robin is in danger of losing her heart to the attractive rancher, but has no idea how he feels about her. Is her figure a deal-breaker? Or can he love her, curves and all?

So I'm back onto the delicious Jenn Roseton's  world of ranches, good looking alpha men and curvy ladies, and I'm thrilled!

Chance Coltson is babysitting his 6 month old niece Emily while his brother Gage and wife Heather's first weekend away since the baby was born. But no matter what Chance does little Emily is upset and he has no one there to help him and without signal to google anything, Chance and Emily head to the library in hopes he can find something that will help him stop the babies tears, but what he wasn't expecting was a curvy, angel of mercy in the guise of Robin Hawley.

Robin Hawley has finally found her dream job as Spring River Bend Librarian and she is enjoying life...except for Brian, the nephew of a board member that hired her, whom has been pressuring her to date him. But when Chance tells him that he is her fiancé in order to get him to back off, it opens up an can of worms.

Now Robin and Chance enter into a fake engagement, but the more time they spend together Robin wishes it was real, but doesn't want to be a inconvenience to Chance, but does he have feelings for her too?

I absolutely love the Bride series from Jenn Roseton and His Inconvenient Bride is no exception. The chemistry between the two main characters Chance and Robin is so thick you could almost cut it with a knife! And I absolutely LOVE IT!! Its also great to see some of the other Coltson brothers (and a few wives) pop by as only family does. I found the writing enchanting and the plot gripping! So overall a great read.

I give His Inconvenient Bride 5 stars!

Jenn Roseton believes that passion and romance go together. When she's not writing her next romance, she indulges in delicious gourmet chocolate.

She is currently working on the Millionaire Cowboys series, a spin-off series to her popular Billionaire Brothers series.

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