Jul 24, 2016

Book Blast: Selkie by Brandi Kennedy

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The Selkie Trilogy (#1)
By:Brandi Kennedy
Released Date: July 2013
Tour Host: My Family Heart

Selkie EBook


Annie Jacobs’s marriage fell apart, leaving her heart and her trust broken. Even her friends couldn’t ease the pain of betrayal and eventually, Annie packed up her life and moved on.
In peaceful Bar Harbor, Maine, Annie is finally able to find solace. She makes new friends, she finds a new routine, and she begins to pick up the shattered pieces of her confidence. Just when Annie thinks she’s found contentment once again, a series of chance disasters threatens her new life – and nearly ends her life entirely.
When the man who saves her turns out to be something more than Annie ever would have expected, her life is thrust once again into turmoil. A near-death experience takes Annie into an entirely new world, one she would never have believed existed.
It seems like death has its sights set on Annie for sure this time, and a war is closing in. Even immortality may not be enough to save her now.


"Remember when I told you that we are forever?" He waited for her nod, weakly letting him know that she was trying to understand what he was saying, and then he went on. "I meant what I said to you. Now more than ever, I will always be yours, and you will always be truly mine. We are one now Annie, by the bonds of the heart and by the mixing of our blood. My heart beats in your chest now, as yours beats in mine. Now we are handfast, not by rope but by the ancient blood vows of my people."
Helplessly, Annie nodded, the simple movement bringing the tingling pain back to life. She gasped as the tingling grew worse, watching Malik as his forehead wrinkled with concern. "Malik?" she asked, the pain bringing a shrill tone to her voice. He didn't answer; instead, he kissed her lips, gently peeling their wrists apart and placing her hand lighting on a folded towel he rested on her stomach.
"She didn't bleed the way I expected," he said, turning to call over his shoulder. "I think she'll be okay, and it's done. What now?"
A woman appeared beside him, short and portly with fluffy graying hair. "This has not been done in many years, Nephew," she said. "Now, we can only wait."

 Brandi Kennedy is an American writer who is finally living her childhood career dream. As a child, books were her world, and through adulthood the love of words has never changed. A woman of varied interests, Brandi loves photography, music of all kinds, knitting, crochet and of course, mothering her two young daughters.
Currently, she finds her home in the heart of Knoxville, Tennessee, among the mountains and the members of her extended family, where she spends her days at the computer, bringing fresh and incredibly real characters to life.

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