Aug 17, 2016

Breathless For Her Bear by Ever Coming Review

Breathless for her Bear
Cedarville Shifters #2
By: Ever Coming
Released: May 28th 2016 
Frost & Hazel

 Mal knew moving to Cedarville to start a new life and a new career wouldn’t be sunshine and roses, but the last thing she expected was to arrive practically penniless and homeless. Meeting her smexy mate now is the absolute worst--or is it the best--timing ever?

Malory was finally getting away from her soul draining, soon to be ex-boyfriend and everything else that was dragging her down, as she was heading off to start her new life and internship in Cedarville. But little did Mal know that everything was going to change for her the moment she stopped at the Town Café.

Al Humphreys was a bear shifter and the beta of the Cedarville shifter town, but when he walked into his sister's dinner and smelled his mate, he very much became an alpha! But then she ran away from him…twice! But once he sees her at the bar he works out in Cedarville, he is deter minded to not let her go, now he just has to explain that to Mal, which was pretty difficult as she was human.

But Mal's deadbeat ex stole every penny she had, and Al is determined to get it back for her, but in the process both Al and Mal find out that everything is not quite what it seems.

Now I have not read the first Cedarville book, but that doesn't matter at all because Breathless for her Bear can totally be read as a standalone. I don't think I have read this author before, but I have to say that I really enjoyed her writing style, the plot was interesting, heartfelt and well thought out.

When it came to the characters, you honestly can't help but like Al and Mal; both characters are fun, lighthearted and likable. I think all that was missing was a little more back story on both of them.

I give Breathless For Her Bear 4 stars.

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