Aug 1, 2016

Fool Me Once by Katee Robert Review

Fool Me Once
Foolproof Love #2
 By: Katee Robert
Release Date: August 1, 2016
Entangled Brazen
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 Sparks will fly on this roadtrip from hell...Fool Me Once is the second novel in the Foolproof Love series from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Katee Robert and Entangled Publishing.

They say opposites attract, but this is just ridiculous.
Aubry Kaiser doesn’t like people—actually, that’s not right. She loathes people. With her crippling anxiety, there’s no way she can demo her favorite video game at a convention with five thousand other people. Maybe if she brings someone to act as a shield…
But the only person available is the sexy cowboy she can’t stand.
Quinn Baldwyn is in a mess of his own. He’s been dodging his wealthy family’s matchmaking attempts—and life advice—for years, but with his sister’s wedding on the horizon, he needs of a shield of his own.
He and Aubry can barely hold down a civil conversation, but in bed…fireworks. And the closer they get to Quinn’s sister’s wedding, the more he realizes that he might actually like Aubry.
Now it’s up to him to convince her she might actually like him, too.

Quinn Baldwyn enjoyed his life working as a cowboy on the Rodriguez Ranch far, far away from the piranhas he called his parents; the only reason there was even contact between him and his oil tycoon father, is because of his sister Jenny. And it was only because it was Jenny's wedding was he even going to be near them, but it didn't stop Quinn from dreading the nasty dig and gold digging women that were going to be thrown in his way by his parents, trying to get him back into the family firm. But until then, he can hang out with his friends Adam and his new wife Jules and poke at the one women who  hates him with a passion…Aubry Kaiser.

Aubry Kaiser hates people! (I can totally relate) Not even being dramatic with that statement! Aubry social anxiety and fear of the Zombie and werewolf apocalypse (hey! Ya never know 😉) With exception of her best friend Jules and her husband Adam; Aubry stays home and plays her life line aka Deathmatch game or designing websites. When she does head out, she goes to Jules café Cups and Kittens (awesome name!), and she hope and preys that her defender Jules is there…and not the person who likes to poke at her. Aubry now has a issue; she has been invited to a to an exclusive Deathmatch closed testing at DeathCon, which would mean she would have to leave Devil Fall's and head to California and be around PEOPLE  (Insert horrifying scream).

Jules (whom no one can say no too) set the plan that Quinn will protect Aubry from people at DeathCon, and Aubry will protect Quinn at his sisters wedding. And as these to set off for Cali; we are left wondering if there is a fine line between love and hate…or if that is just a myth!

To say I enjoyed this book, is an understatement! I don't think I have laughed so much in a while! If you haven't read the first book, DON'T WORRY! Fool Me Once can definitely be read as a standalone, as the author did an amazing job with writing the back story and introducing all of the characters, writing the plot in such a way that that you never miss anything.

The chemistry between Quinn and Aubry steamy! Quinn is all cocky and bravado with a gentle center that his parents didn't manage to destroy. Aubry on the other hand grew up with a crummy mother, who was disappointed that she went to college! It's understandable that she had issues. I will say I can't wait for Daniel and Hope's story!!

I give Fool Me Once 5 stars!

“You know, I’ve been thinking—”
“Good God, don’t strain yourself.”
“—and I’m thinking that I need a better nickname for you. Sweet cheeks might be accurate, but no one in my family is going to believe I’d call the woman I’m in a relationship with something that…lowbrow.”
She tilted her sunglasses down to stare at him over the top of them. It made her amber eyes stand out all the more. “How about you call me nothing at all? Because that sounds ideal from where I’m sitting.”
“Nah. I’ve always been a fan of pet names.”
“One—I can tell. Two—save your pet names for your actual animals.”
She’d left that one wide open, but he chose to ignore it. Just this once. He twined her hair around his finger again. “I was thinking bunny.”
“You can call me bunny if you want to provoke me to actual physical violence.”
Yeah, it didn’t fit, either. He relaxed back into his seat, starting to enjoy the idea of this. “Cherry.”
“Hard pass.”
“No way.”
He wondered when she’d noticed that he was still stroking her hair. He hadn’t been lying when he said they would have to put on a good show for his family. That meant he had to get her used to him touching her, at least in these innocent ways. Or that was what he told himself as he kept playing with the ends of her hair.
And touching in the not-innocent ways?
To distract himself, he said, “Peaches. No, don’t look at me like that. You got to pass on three—that’s your limit. And you smell like peaches.” He leaned a little closer, keeping one eye on the road, and adopted his best Nicholas Cage voice, “I love peaches. I could eat peaches for hours.”
“Ew, gross.”
He sat back and laughed. “You have a problem with a man worshiping you that way?”
“I have a problem with Nicholas Cage comparing my lady bits to a fruit and, frankly, the image of him down there is enough to kill any desire the act would cause.”
She sounded so horrified that he laughed again. Or he started to. The problem with teasing her like this was he was now picturing himself between her thighs. Quinn shifted, trying to get his instant physical reaction under control. His cock wasn’t in a cooperative mood, though, and his brain kept serving up images of Aubry’s back arching, her fingers digging into his forearms, her head thrown back in ecstasy he was giving her.
Jesus Christ.

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Katee Robert learned to tell her stories at her grandpa’s knee. She found romance novels at age twelve and it changed her life. When not writing sexy contemporary and speculative fiction romance novels, she spends her time playing imaginary games with her wee ones, driving her husband batty with what-if questions, and planning for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. 

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