Aug 24, 2016

His Midnight Bride by Jenn Roseton Review

His Midnight Bride
Millionaire Cowboys #6
By: Jenn Roseton
Released: August 19th, 2016

When curvy April Larch visits rancher Rem Coltson at midnight, needing to talk to him about an article he wrote about a mysterious flag dating back to the Civil War, she has no idea she’s about to set off on a wonderful adventure – or find the love of her life.

An assistant professor of history, April has buried herself in researching the 1800s after a disappointing love affair. But now, with Rem Coltson by her side as they follow clues left by her great-great-grandfather, can she overcome her past and trust in a glorious future with Rem?

Or will she allow her insecurities to overshadow her present and her future?
Associate Professor April Larch is excited! While clearing out the belongings of her grandfather, she finds referenced to the Civil war and a mysterious flag, so she tracks down the one person that seems to know all about the flag…Rem Coltson.

When Rem opened the door to a beautiful curvy women at midnight, little did her know what an adventure it would take him on. But Rem wanted to help April find the end to her family mystery, as well as discovering more of the spark between them

But just as the adventure comes to an end and their feelings for each other begin to grow, something from the past makes April second guess Rem's loyalty…is it all over before it begins for Rem and April?

So we are back with the Coltson brothers and finally with Rem's story, and it was more than I could ever have imagined, being a history nerd, I love the way that the author has tied a history discovery into the story, it is very refreshing take on the standard romance and one that I really enjoyed.

As normal, Jenn Roseton's writing is smooth and well written and the plot is developed and without plot hole, though I do hope there is a follow up story, so we can see all of the couples together, as I loved every single one of the characters, not only in this book, but the whole series.

I'm also really sad that this series is over…but excited for what ever the author gives us next!

I give His Midnight Bride 5 stars!

Jenn Roseton believes that passion and romance go together. When she's not writing her next romance, she indulges in delicious gourmet chocolate.

She is currently working on the Millionaire Cowboys series, a spin-off series to her popular Billionaire Brothers series.

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