Aug 31, 2016

Torn by C.J. Fallowfield Review

By: C.J. Fallowfield
Released: August 31st, 2016

When Sky’s parents moved from San Francisco to Boulder City in Nevada, she thought her life was over, until she met the Hudson boys. Two years older than her, tattooed bad boy Nate was confident, cocky, good looking, and a straight talker. He was the unattainable guy that all the girls wanted, but the one their fathers warned them to steer clear of. Josh had all of his brother’s looks, but he was the sweet charmer your mother would beg you to marry. Their cousin Billy lacked the brothers’ good looks, so relied on his quick wit to attract the girls.

When all three of them set their sights on Sky, they became competitive, and cracks in their close bond began to form.

Torn between her loyalty to all three, and feelings for one, Sky was faced with a dilemma.

When she made her decision, she had no idea that her choice would set them all on a path that would tear the group apart.

When Sky Torres moved to Boulder City with her parents, she had expected it to be like all of the other times she had moved. Not really making friends, but just getting through school, only she was not in school anymore, she was heading to college and her best friend Liam, was back in San Francisco. But she never thought she would meet 3 guys would change her whole life, but that is exactly what brothers Nate and Josh Hudson and their cousin Billy did…but not all for the good.

All of the Hudson men want to date her, but they are so very different; Nate is the older of the brothers, a bit of a man whore and on his college baseball team. His younger brother Josh is the boy next door, sweet, handsome and would make any women swoon, and along with Billy, he will be in Sky's college classes . Their cousin Billy doesn't have the bothers looks, but is shy, introverted, when he is not in one of his moods that is. But not everything is what it seems in the Hudson Homes. Nate and Josh lost their father in a helicopter accident and Billy lost his father to his demons, when he committed suicide and Nate has been taking care of his alcoholic mother and protecting Josh from her drunken rages.

But despite all of the drama, each one wants Sky for themselves, but when Sky chooses, it brings dire consequences for all of them.

WOW! This book completely blew my mind!! I have read thousands of romance books, but not one of those books have ever been like this! I had assumed that this book would be the bog standard love square And I couldn't have been more wrong if I had tried. This story touches on so many subjects and it does it SO well, that the author amazes me with the level of research she must have done; from alcoholism to mental illness and other disabilities, the detail was very real. As the sister of someone with mental illness, the tunnel vision and the sudden violence is a very real thing and I really do appreciate the author writing about the story in a very unbiased way.

The characters are simply amazing in this book! But I can't tell you too much or it gives away the story. But there were two secondary characters that I would really love to see again, Liam and Saunders! Those two were the best side kicks ever!

C.J. Fallowfield is truly an amazing author, whom has the ability to get inside your head and completely screw you up, so you can ONLY think about this book for days or weeks! Heck I had a book hangover before I even finished! Which is way I give Torn 5 stars!

 C.J. Fallowfield is an Amazon #1 bestselling author of contemporary humorous erotic romance novels. She started writing in October 2013 and released her first novel, New Leaves, No Strings (The Austin Series #1) in January 2014.. She comes from the United Kingdom and is half French. She lives in the wonderful countryside of Wales, surrounded by rolling hills, trees and fields full of sheep and cows. Her writing aids include chocolate, Ben & Jerry’s and copious amounts of coffee. Reading was her main pastime, until she discovered the joy of writing, but she still tries to set aside time to indulge her appetite for funny, or steamy, reads by other authors too. She is yet to meet her Prince Charming, but lives with her extremely pampered fur baby, Pumpkin, kitten of mass destruction.

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  1. Thank you so much Cara, so happy it touched you and that you felt I handled some of the difficult topics sensitively. Brilliant review, I have a review hangover now! CJ x