Oct 4, 2016

What's Left of Me by Kimberly Lewis Review

By: Kimberly Lewis
Releasing October 4, 2016

Letting go of the past is never easy…
Jenna Olsen has spent the last four years trying to move on from the heartache that tore her world apart, but when Cole Sullivan suddenly shows up back in town all of those feelings come flooding back…and even some new ones she didn’t know were possible.

Leaving town all those years ago was necessary, but now that Cole finally has a handle on his life he decides to return home to his family, friends, and the woman he just can’t forget.

Coming back home though comes with its costs, and Cole ultimately has to decide…will he be able to fight his inner demons to keep Jenna in his life, or will the chance of hurting her again be too much to risk?

Cole Sullivan lost more than just his friends, when they were ambushed in Afghanistan, he also got caught up in anger and guilt. He couldn't stop from blaming himself for Adam's death, even though none of Adam's family did. But that didn't stop the pain, so he just left town, for four long years. But now he was back, and he wasn't expecting for stumble into the one person who has always made his heart race, Jenna Olsen, Adam's sister.

Now Cole is back and after finding out that Jenna is no longer with his former friend Mark; Cole is determined to not lose this chance with Jenna, if only he can keep nightmares and his temper at bay.

Despite the themes of PTSD, survivors guilt and alcohol abuse, What's Left of Me is a sweet romance, about hidden love. I have never read a book by this author before, but I would love to read more from her, as her writing style is warm and sweet. The plot is sweet and romantic, but with a hard edge. I applaud the author for taking on the tough subjects of PTSD, survivors guilt and Alcoholism, I also loved the way that she managed to wind them into the story, in a soft way.

I really liked Cole and Jenna's characters, there ability to relax with each other after not seeing everything for years. The fact that Cole's love is still there for Jenna and her willingness to take that leap with Cole.

I give What's Left of Me 4 stars.

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My eyes scan across the page of my current read, and I tug on my bottom lip with my teeth. It’s a sexy book, scorching to be quite honest, to the point where I’m almost embarrassed to be reading it. But that’s not what’s got me tugging on my lip and practically squirming in my lounge chair. I may be reading about a drop-dead sexy widowed rancher and his new love interest, but all I see in my mind is Cole.
Oh my goodness. Cole.
The things my subconscious came up with last night in my dreams were enough make a prostitute blush. I should be ashamed for even thinking such things about him, even though I wasn’t in a controlled state of mind, but I am so far from shameful it’s ridiculous. The feel of his hands gliding up my legs, my hips, my stomach, my breasts; the taste of his mouth; and the way my skin beaded wherever his lips landed—it was all so real that I woke up slightly disappointed.
Okay, I was very disappointed.
“Whatcha reading?”
I jump at the sound of Cole’s deep voice, causing my floppy sun hat to fall over my eyes.
“Sorry,” Cole apologizes. “I didn’t mean to scare you. Again.” He bends down next to me and grabs my book. I must’ve dropped it when he startled me. “Taken by the Rancher,” he reads aloud, and I feel my cheeks flame with heat at his knowing grin. “Sounds like a real page turner.”
I take the book from his outstretched hand and adjust my red bikini before I relax back onto the lounge chair. Cole takes the seat next to me.
“Is this what you’re going to do all day?” he asks me, and I turn to look at him. His head is resting against the back of the lounge chair, his face turned to the sun as he soaks up the rays. “Veg out and read your porn?”
My jaw falls and I slap him with the book. “It is not porn, thank you very much.”
He laughs and tilts his head toward me, his eyes bright with amusement. “Do they have sex?”
I lift my chin with a very Scarlett O’Hara defiance. “Yes, they make love.”
“A lot?” Cole asks with a raised brow and a grin that twists my insides.
“Define a lot,” I say.
He laughs and shakes his head. “You’ve got porn.”

Bestselling author Kimberly Lewis writes sweet, sexy contemporary romances filled with heart and humor.
Born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, this country girl caught the creative bug at an early age, doing everything from drawing to writing short stories. After dabbling in many genres, Kimberly rediscovered her love of romance stories and soon after published her first novel.
Kimberly still lives on the good old Eastern Shore of Maryland with her wonderful husband, two beautiful children, and spirited Doberman Pinschers. Along with writing, Kimberly enjoys reading, horseback riding, and spending time with her amazing family.

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