Nov 30, 2016

A Red Hot Christmas - Paris by C.J. Fallowfield Review

A Red Hot Christmas - Paris
A Red Hot Christmas #1
By: C.J. Fallowfield
Released: November 30th, 2016

Two couples, Lulu and Luc Le Grand and their firm friends, Coco Barrella and Hunter Donovan, head to Paris for a romantic getaway at The Domville Hotel. Looking forward to good company, great food, and some steamy seasonal shenanigans away from the pressures of work, the last thing they expect is to be stranded there on Christmas Eve.

Will the calm marital waters of the seemingly perfect Le Grand’s relationship become choppy when they risk not making it home to their children for Christmas Day?

And will “love to hate each other” couple Coco and Hunter grow closer in the city of love, or will they be pulled apart by the unintentional reminder of their failings as they compare themselves to their married friends?

So we are back with my favorite four and their red hot trip to paris. We find Lulu struggling to leave her precious children, for a special and long overdue time away with Luc…but I'm sure Luc will change her mind…Le Grand style.

Hunter is also trying to get to grip with his feeling, but he is still struggling to say those 3 important world's, even though he feels them. But he is also faced with Coco wanting a baby, but is terrified to give her the baby she craves.

OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS, this author has given me the best Christmas present EVER!! I absolutely love these couples and this book continues my need to know every facet of their lives…FOREVER! Yes, I do realize it is just fiction, but this author weaves such amazing tales, that you can't help be be caught in her web of deliciousness.

The story is hot and spicy and simply divine. It is well written and the characters…OMG!! They couldn't get any better and of course, all of this delicious story is set in the Domville!

I give A Red Hot Christmas Paris 5 smoking hot stars!

 C.J. Fallowfield is an Amazon #1 bestselling author of contemporary humorous erotic romance novels. She started writing in October 2013 and released her first novel, New Leaves, No Strings (The Austin Series #1) in January 2014.. She comes from the United Kingdom and is half French. She lives in the wonderful countryside of Wales, surrounded by rolling hills, trees and fields full of sheep and cows. Her writing aids include chocolate, Ben & Jerry’s and copious amounts of coffee. Reading was her main pastime, until she discovered the joy of writing, but she still tries to set aside time to indulge her appetite for funny, or steamy, reads by other authors too. She is yet to meet her Prince Charming, but lives with her extremely pampered fur baby, Pumpkin, kitten of mass destruction.

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