Apr 21, 2017

His Competent Woman by Ellen Whyte Review

His Competent Woman
by Ellen Whyte
Released: April 14th, 2017

In desperate need for money, Emma applies for a job with handsome billionaire Curtis West. She's not really qualified for the job and to make matters worse, she loses her temper during the interview and fudges her credentials. Can she pull it off or will this end in tears?

I'm a huge fan of BBW stories, so when I was thrilled when I found out about His Competent Women by Ellen Whyte, and author I have never read before, but I found out that His Competent Women is not only a BBW story, but set in the UK! Which I think is a first for me, but for this British Expat, it was heaven. 

The story is short, but full of detail and the writing just flowed! Not choppy or confusing, but a wonderful book about a single mother called Emma, who needed to get special testing for her son, and she was willing to lie about her experience, in order to provide for her son. Which in my eyes made her the hero of this whole book. Curtis Wesson is a hard arse, but knows he has found gold with Emma.

Overall this book is funny, sweet, romantic and sexy, so simply perfection! And I can't wait for the next book from Ellen Whyte.

I give His Competent Women 5 stars!

If you like curves and hunky men, you've come to the right spot because Ellen Whyte writes Big Beautiful Women and Billionaire romances. She plans to write four books a year. 

Ellen also write Dark Romance as AJ Adams. Her dark heroes are Zeta Cartel men, MC and some live in Prydain, a fantasy world. My girls are well able to handle them, being the strong, kick arse type. So, if you like a bit of mayhem and murder to balance out the sweet curves and hunky billionaires, check it out at

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