Jan 10, 2018

Springtime At The Cider Kitchen by Fay Keenan Review

Springtime At The Cider Kitchen
Little Somerby #2
By Fay Keenan
Release Date: January 1st, 2018
Source: ARC provided by publisher

Caroline Hemingway can't help but feel a little strange watching her ex sister-in-law marrying the owner of Carter's Cider Farm, but she's delighted Anna's found happiness after the death of her late husband, and Caroline's brother, James. If only Caroline could find her own love story...
Desperate to escape the rat race, Caroline decides to take the plunge and move to the idyllic village of Little Somerby, where she is given the task of opening and running a restaurant in one of the forgotten barns on the Cider Farm.
Opening and running The Cider Kitchen is no easy task, and there are many challenges on the way, but slowly Caroline feels she's being accepted into the local community, and starts to believe she may have found her forever home. But secrets from her past seem destined to haunt her, and not even the attentions of the very dishy Jonathan Carter can distract her from all she's left behind...

*ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review*

Springtime At The Cider Kitchen, the a story of second chances, family, and dark secrets.

We start the book meeting Caroline Hemingway, and she is in the unusual position of being at her late brother's wife wedding! But little did she know that being there would lead to a who change in her life, when she is offered the job of running the new restaurant for her ex sister-in-law's new family! Or that she would end up in bed with Jonathan Carter, the man who later would become her boss.

So after escaping the rat race, Caroline is happy to settle in to life in Little Somerby, and working for the Carter's of Cider Farm. But just when everything is going so well for her, someone comes back into her life, and tries to destroy her!

When I settled down to read Springtime in the Cider Kitchen I was excited, being a British ex-pat, I love to read books from British authors, I think it's because they relate better to the locations their books are set in, the intricate mannerisms the only people who live in that country will fully understand. And I will say that the author Fay Keenan definitely has that. And for most of the book, everything flowed nicely...then Bam! A sort of crazy plotline, when nothing is really explained in detail, and goes just a little haywire! And for me that spoiled the book a little; as I was working my way through one emotionally charged situation, another 2 get shoved on top all at once, and it all got a little confusing.

Overall they book was good, but it didn't need all of that drama! I give Springtime At The Cider Kitchen 4 stars

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